Over the past few months, Axie Infinity has been releasing game-changing updates and preparing the game for the Land sale. In this article, we're going to take a look at those updates, discuss how they affected the game and talk about Axie Infinity's plans for the near future.

On the Land Sale

The Land sale, which began on January 22, has received a thrilling response from the Axie community. On the first day, Axie Infinity raised more than 1,200 ETH, and 2,500 ETH followed in the days after. Roughly 70% of available land was purchased by the players, who will be able to transform their empty plots of land into profitable and entertaining kingdoms.

Axie Infinity players are crazy about their Land parcels!

If you'd like to board the Axie Infinity hype train, be sure to do so quickly, for only 228 of 2338 chests are available for purchase. You may also read an article we wrote on Axie Infinity Land gameplay to see the impact it will have on the game.

On Community Growth and the PVP Ecosystem

The Axie Infinity community has been growing over the past few months. On February 17 the game counted roughly 300 daily users, 200% more than they had just 4 months ago. The number of total users with wallets is also growing; Axie Infinity currently counts roughly 1600 wallets.

Furthermore, the Axie Infinity team is delighted with the performance of last month's Winter Invitational tournament. The tournament, which is their largest so far, witnessed 93 Axie Infinity players battle for a 2800$ prize pool in LUNA and LOOM tokens provided by the LOOM Network.

Axie Sushi, a custom mini-game developed by Axie Infinity community

The game has also seen many community-organized tournaments, which is a clear indicator that the Axie Infinity community is more than engaged with the game. Also, the community has been actively creating Axie Infinity custom content, such as custom games, artwork, and even rap songs!

Announcing Future Updates

The Axie Infinity team is currently working on real-time Chimera battles, which should arrive with the Land gameplay. The team is also working on level 2 body parts, as well as on delivering a real-time PVP battle system to the players.

Furthermore, the team is exploring cross-chain and scaling possibilities to ensure that Axie Infinity progresses as the DGaming industry evolves. The team forecasts that entertaining, profitable gameplay, together with a user-friendly UX, will help the game reach more users and achieve mass-market adoption.