Dapper Labs, the creators CryptoKitties (CK), revealed the final results from their partnership with Gods Unchained (GU). The two partnered a month ago in order to test what Dapper Labs thinks is one of the most important concepts of blockchain technology, its interoperability.

What Did the Results Show?

Unlike the traditional gaming industry, where companies carry out the "us & them" type of mentality, the DGaming industry inspires and encourages partnerships. And it's not that the traditional gaming companies deliberately compete against each other; it's the nature of the industry they are in that inspires competition.

Dapper Labs recorded positive results during the CK & GU campaign

But things are different in DGaming industry. In this industry, cooperations and collaborations aren’t only plausible, but mutually beneficial, for they allow companies to launch collaborative events, share experiences and expand their player bases.

The GU and CK mutual campaign lasted 18 days, between January 10th and 28th. During that period, the partnered communities created 8,544 cat talismans for a total of 205 ETH, roughly $25,600. Furthermore, communities produced 248 Aeoncats for a total of 186 ETH, roughly $23,000.

How Did the Players React?

Both CK and GU players reacted positively to this partnership. Specifically, CK saw a 17.5% increase in daily active users on the day the campaign started and a 30% higher player activity during those 18 days.

Moreover, Dapper Labs also saw a 30% re-engagement of lapsed CK players and a significant influx of new users to their Discord channel. Interestingly, Hypurrion, a Gen 0 CryptoKitty, was won by the player who joined the game by way of the CK & GU partnership.

Emphasizing Interoperability

Interoperability, that is, the ability to migrate in-game items between different experiences, is still in its infancy. The Dapper Labs team said, "The primary challenge is that programming interoperability on a large scale requires the rules to be written into the smart contract."

Gods worshiping Tally the Purrocious

The team argues that a card game like GU can, without any major obstacles, incorporate a Kitty into their game and make a card according to that Kitty's design and stats. However, it's much harder for Dapper Labs to create a Kitty based on a card, for Kitties have genes and breeding capabilities. To make this possible, Dapper Labs would have to create an NFT with unique smart contract functions and rules.

Dapper Labs is more than willing to overcome this obstacle, seeing that both CK and GU communities responded positively to their partnership.