The Forest Knight Winter Presale has officially ended. Following the conclusion of the presale, the team will now focus on implementing the content they've been working on behind the scenes.

How Did The Presale Go?

The Forest Knight presale demonstrated that the game has a strong, supportive community behind it. The Forest Knight players purchased more than 2,500 chests, and have also been actively promoting the game by staging community competitions and running incentives.

The end of the presale also concludes the reward program for the top 10 supporters. Interestingly, almost everyone who managed to reach the top 10 has purchased more than 100 presale chests, which you can see from the below image. Also, the Forest Knight team has decided to reward supporters from 11th to 15th place with these items; 1 Ebon Axe, 1 Moonshine, and 1 Ancient Claymore. Congrats!

The top 15 supporters purchased a total of 1368 chests!

What's Next?

While players were busy buying their valuable presale chests, the devs have been working behind the scenes, designing new artwork, developing new content and working on music and sounds.

Now that the presale is over and the reward items have been distributed, the team can focus their attention solely on game development. The early Access launch is scheduled for Q2 2019, together with the game's blockchain integration.

Furthermore, the devs are working with several talented musicians to deliver high-quality, in-game sounds and music. They've said that the game's soundtrack is already complete, which they'll soon share with the Forest Knight community.

On Upcoming Events

The team has announced their participation in the upcoming Reboot Develop Blue conference. The event will take place in Dubrovnik, one of Croatia's most visited and famous cities. Dubrovnik is also known for being the real-world King's Landing, the largest city in the HBO's fantasy TV series Game of Thrones.

Forest Knight will attend this year’s Reboot Develop Blue

The event will host more than 120 speakers and will last for 3 days, from April 11th to April 14th. The Forest Knight team will have the opportunity to hang out with the likes of Hermen Hulst, Co-Founder of Guerilla Games (Horizon: Zero Dawn), Warren Spector, studio director of OtherSide Entertainment (Deus Ex), George Krstic, director of Story at Blizzard Entertainment (Warcraft, Overwatch), and many others.

If you're a Forest Knight fan and would like to see the team’s first-hand experiences in Dubrovnik, be sure to give them a follow on Instagram.