On June 26, we wrote about a time-limited partnership between CryptoMotors and NeoWorld. Today, we're happy to share that CryptoMotors sold 22 of its Sport Coupé models through the NeoWorld platform. CryptoMotors also shared some portion of its sales to the Sport Coupé NFT holders, rewarding them for their long-term support.

Selling Cars Like Hot Cakes

In just a couple of days, CryptoMotors sold 22 NFTs on the NeoWorld platform. This is great news for two important reasons.

First, NeoWorld users who bought the Sport Coupé will be able to enjoy their cars in NeoWorld. Second, all the CryptoMotors' Sport Coupé owners received a portion of the profit the team made through these sales.

CryptoMotors’ Sport Coupé

Another benefit of this partnership was that all Sport Coupé owners could register on NeoWorld and receive free land parcels, a Sport Coupé fixed model, as well as a private Space Portal to display their Sport Coupé.

A Partnership That Benefited Everyone

This partnership demonstrates the power of the DGaming Industry. NeoWorld was celebrating its first anniversary, and they've decided to put 22 Sport Coupés on sale. Each NFT was sold for roughly 1,010,000 NASH, NeoWorld's native currency. At the time of selling, 1,010,000 NASH was roughly $200.

First, they met, and then they raced

This means that CryptoMotors distributed 2,222,000 NASH (or $440) to its Sport Coupé owners. CryptoMotors said, "Sharing profits with all the CryptoMotors NFT’s owners was from the beginning one of our main goals. We want to retribute all the support we are receiving from the community." And they certainly delivered.

It's Just A Beginning

Both parties look forward to forging similar partnerships in the future. In June, NeoWorld launched a User-Generated Content platform to enable users to deploy unique content in NeoWorld.

The NeoWorld players who were lucky enough to purchase CryptoMotors' Sport Coupés even gathered in-game and organized a sweet race, with thousands of virtual citizens saluting their luxurious NFTs.

NeoWorld citizens racing with their Sport Coupes

The NeoWorld team said, "NeoWorld highlighted that collaboration with crypto content projects like games is a priority, as the communities of these projects are more receptive of the decentralized, self-governed economy in the NeoWorld."

And they're right to think that way because the DGaming Industry needs more projects that are willing to explore the powers of the blockchain technology, especially the interoperability.

If you'd like to be a part of this movement and be a part of the growing DGaming community, try CryptoMotors and NeoWorld. You can trust that the teams behind these games will always reward loyal and active users with cool and valuable content.

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