The Etheremon team has unveiled a list of updates that'll soon be added to the game. Among the most notable features, Etheremon players will soon be able to enjoy a new egg-laying mechanism, a new Lucky Wheel location, as well as a brand new function, "mon releasing."

Spin The Wheel!

Roughly a month ago, Etheremon released a brand new Etheremon World. With this new world came a new map, together with several new in-game locations such as Etheremon’s Battle Arena and Adventure Gate. And now, the team is preparing to add another location to the game; the Lucky Wheel.

You can’t win if you don’t spin!

So what's Lucky Wheel? Lucky Wheel is a location where players will be able to spend EMONT (Etheremon's in-game currency) in exchange for energy or level-up stones. The team has also said that they'll continually add new rewards to this mechanic, including special edition Mons!

Releasing Your Mons

This new function was heavily requested by the Etheremon community; it allows players to release their Mons and retrieve some value out of them. So what does that mean? Let's assume you have a Monster that you no longer need. With this new function, you can "release" whichever Mons you don't need (release being a nice way of saying delete)!

Goodbye, sweet Azbried!

Yes, once you "release" your Mons, it's gone for good. Sad, yes, but also valuable because you get some of that Mons' EMONT/Energy back depending on that monster's level. Naturally, the higher the level, the bigger the reward. There's also a 3% chance of receiving an extra 500 EMONTS whenever you release a monster.

About The New Egg-Laying Policy

The new egg-laying mechanism, which was deployed on April 6th, will make it harder for players to hatch new monsters. Effectively, as of April 6th, monsters that are capable of laying new eggs will be able to do so only when they reach level 31.

Furthermore, each time a monster lays a new egg, it will revert back to level one! Why? This policy will be introduced to keep the monster population under control. In the short-term, this might seem like an unfavorable change for those players that focus on producing new monsters, but the change should benefit everyone in the long run.

Fewer eggs = more value per egg

If the population of monsters increases dramatically over a short period, the value of each monster will fall as a consequence of overpopulation. By introducing this new policy, players will still be able to lay new monsters, but at a slower pace and without risking the devaluation of existing monsters.