The Chainbreakers crowdsale is officially over. The results? The team raised close to $130,000, built a strong community, sustained the bear market, and gave away tons of valuable assets to their most loyal community members.

A Journey Through Time

The crowdsale began on November 1, 2018. At that point in time, Chainbreakers had 150 Twitter followers; now they have over 1500. Chainbreakers also proved that quality content beats every other aspect of the DGaming industry.

From 0 to 2,412,914 MANA

Though they had a very small community, Chainbreakers sold their Epic weapons in just 2 days. In November they also successfully auctioned 8 Unique Legendary items and through them raised 130,000 MANA. In December they raised 300,000 MANA from their regular item sales. How? Well, it’s quality content.

Releasing Chainbreakers Pristine Units

Aside from offering Chainbreakers Items (CBI), Chainbreakers gave away their pristine units to early adopters. These were Chainbreakers Units (CBU), Pets (CBP), and Celestial Rings (CBR).

The team first started rolling out limited CBUs. The event lasted for 42 days, during which the players were able to spin the wheel and earn up to 5 CBUs. CBPs were also given out to Early Adopters, that is, to those who participated in the Chainbreakers presales.

Lastly, CBRs were airdropped to Early Adopters. It's good to know that CBRs are the most scarce items in the game, and were only obtainable through the airdrop event.

Auctioning The Chain Breaker

Chain Breaker is arguably the most valuable item in the game. You were able to see it in Chainbreakers' first teaser trailer back in November of 2018. Rumours were roaming through Discord, but no facts were established.

A mighty hammer for a mighty warrior

In April 2019, the team finally offered this magnificent item for sale. In the end, a persistent buyer obtained it for 38,509 MANA. Just to give you an example, the average price of all other Chainbreakers Legendary items was 16,166 MANA.

Community Growth

Chainbreakers grew on Twitter and Discord, mostly in the past few months. The biggest contributors to this growth were probably Chainbreakers giveaways, which encouraged the players to board the Chainbreakers hype train. But it wasn't just about the giveaways. The Chainbrakers team was active, transparent, responsive, and communicative. Their Discord channel now counts more than 1,800 members.

Chainbreakers community growth

Interestingly, 20% of these members connected their Chainbreakers accounts with Discord, which not only allowed them to participate in unique giveaways but also improved community engagement and dialog.

If you'd like to read more about the future of Chainbreakers, visit their blog. The team said that they'd publish a roadmap for the next 3 months very soon. In the meantime, be sure to visit our DGaming Store. We've recently added tons of new games, so be sure to check them out!