EOSBet Casino recently announced the launch of their account system. Though the system is currently in beta phase it is already fully functional, containing features that'll deliver a more immersive gaming experience to the entire EOSBet community.

Making It Simple

The new account system is, first and foremost, easy to use. To register, users have to follow simple guidelines, enter the required data and hit a couple of mouse clicks. Upon registration, users can instantly deposit funds to their account (from their wallets or via exchange).

EOSBet Casino Account System will greatly improve the on-platform experience

Once they transfer the desired amount of funds, users are free to enjoy EOSBet games. Moreover, users can access the platform from any browser using their desktop pcs or mobile phones.

Making It Decentralized

The new account system doesn't interfere with the core modus operandi of the EOSBet platform; everything runs on-chain. What this means is that all actions are performed and stored on the EOS blockchain. This also means that users are free to take a peek and see these actions.

Secondly, the EOSBet account system is non-custodial, meaning that no-one (including EOSBet Casino) can't access users' funds. Having said that, the devs are encouraging users to write down their recovery pass, since no-one else will be able to recover their accounts for them.

Saving CPU Power

EOS is (unfortunately) known for its CPU issues. It got to the point where users have to stake vast quantities of EOS on hardware resources (CPU in particular; RAM, NET).

EOSBet Casino is well aware of this problem and is, therefore, ensuring enough CPU, RAM, and NET for all of its users. The casino is also working on a scaling solution which should optimize the platform.

EOSBet Casino will provide its users with enough CPU, RAM, and NET

Chat Feature And Future Updates

Any DApp, regardless of whether it’s in gaming or gambling, revolves around its community. Knowing this, EOSBet Casino ensured that their chat system, which previously worked with Scatter desktop only, now can be accessed with the new account system. Thanks to this, all users can now access the chat system and communicate with other players, share strategies, stories, etc.

The development team also announced that they'd soon enable Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other crypto deposits. All actions regarding wallet coin transfer will be done internally, via EOSBet Casino platform. This means that users won't have to exchange their coins or rely on 3rd party wallets to complete deposit actions.

In addition to this, the devs also unveiled that they plan to implement various features, including a VIP program, token airdrops, Leaderboards, and many other features that will enrich EOSBet Casino.