Loom Network unveiled its partnership with Battle Racers. Battle Racers will leverage Loom Network's sidechain, PlasmaChain, in order to allow their players to seamlessly play the game and obtain car parts at no additional cost.

Benefiting Battle Racers Players

One of the biggest problems for many blockchain games is gas fees. The second biggest problem is probably the transactions speed, often forcing players to wait for more than they'd wish in order to complete simple transactions. To solve these problems, Loom Network developed a sidechain called PlasmaChain, which allows game developers to migrate ERC-721 tokens on it in order to deliver gasless and faster transactions to their players.

Faster transactions, better UX!

Effectively, Battle Racers players will, thanks to this partnership, be able to purchase and obtain car parts at a faster rate and without gas fees. Moreover, they'll be able to do so on the mainnet and won't even notice or have to understand the technical nature of the sidechain-to-mainchain item migration.

Lastly, thanks to Loom’s Transfer Gateway, Battle Racers players will be able to move their items onto the Ethereum blockchain and trade them on any marketplace that supports Ethereum assets.

Prepare for the Presale

Battle Racers' presale starts soon, during which you'll be able to purchase crates that contain car parts. Car parts vary in rarity and value and will be used to pimp your vehicles while playing the game.

Don't forget that Battle Racers is compatible with Decentraland, which will allow you to race versus other players in a real-time, VR environment. Though the game hasn't been released yet, it looks insanely fun, action-packed and highly creative. But to race, you'll need a car, and that's why we suggest that you participate in the presale in order to get your car parts and start building your unmatched driving machines.

Better parts -> better cars -> better results = more rewards!

And while you're waiting for the presale, be sure to check out our DGaming store for many other cool and ready-to-play DGames!