The Global Asset and Currency (GDAC) exchange is integrating Enjin's platform and ERC-1155 token standard to gamify user experience. The decision to adopt the platform and token standard came just one week after GDAC's decision to list Enjin Coin (ENJ) on their exchange.

On Partnership With Enjin

Today, the GDAC exchange unveiled their adoption of Enjin's platform and ERC-1155 token standard. GDAC will utilize Enjin's suite of tools that enable blockchain game developers to seamlessly produce large quantities of unique ERC-1155 assets.

GDAC is partnering with Enjin to gamify user experience

The GDAC exchange will use Enjin's technology to deliver an immersive gamified experience in order to enhance user acquisition and increase customer retention rates. With this decision, the GDAC exchange became the first customer-oriented service to use blockchain technology to automate and gamify the on-platform experience.

More importantly, GDAC wishes to set an example for every other customer-facing service and demonstrate how the retail market, which brings $24 trillion in annual revenue, can use blockchain technology to improve marketing and customer experience within the retail sector.

Better Rewards System

The GDAC exchange will also integrate ERC-1155 token standard to deliver a gamified reward system. GDAC plans to reward users with ERC-1155 backed tokens and allow them to benefit and profit from their actions on the GDAC platform.

To celebrate the integration of Enjin's platform and ERC-1155 token standard, GDAC will host a collaborative rewards campaign on February 21. The GDAC platform will distribute ERC-1155 tokens to users, granting them valuable mining and trading rewards within the platform. GDAC has already minted more than 5,000 ERC-1155 tokens for the campaign, including digital drills, pickaxes and much more.

GDAC will distribute these tokens from February 18 to 22 via their website. Users who claim these rewards will be able to utilize them from February 21 to March 1.

What Is GDAC?

GDAC is a South Korean exchange platform that enables users to trade cryptocurrencies and crypto assets. Their mission is to deliver secure, encrypted financial products and allow users to freely trade their currencies and crypto assets.

GDAC is brining ERC-1155 token standard to South Korea

The GDAC exchange platform also boasts various on-platform features that allow their community to participate in numerous programs and earn hefty rewards. Moreover, the platform has its own currency, the GDAC Token (GT), which users can earn through mining, trading and reward systems. The GT holders can, among many other things, participate in GDAC league, earn airdrop rewards, and vote on important platform decisions.