Just recently, Steem Monsters revealed their partnership with Sesameseed, TRON's top block producer. Through this partnership, Steem Monsters will leverage Sesameseed's SEEDGerminator in order to launch a crowdfunding campaign and raise funds for their new website, Splinterlands.

Selected By Sesameseed

Steem Monsters is growing steadily. To date, the game recorded over 2,500 created accounts and generated roughly $80,000. From an outsider perspective, one would say that these numbers are impressive, taking into account that the DGaming industry is still in its early days. However, the Steem Monsters team believes that they can do much better.

Steem Monsters’ new in-development brand, Splinterlands

Effectively, they've partnered with TRON's biggest block provider, the Sesameseed organization, which allows projects to generate funds from the Sesameseed and TRON communities. It's should be pointed out that not everyone can join forces with Sesameseed. Instead, Sesameseed alone selects the projects they believe are aligned with their business philosophy.

The funding for the new Steem Monsters Splinterlands project should start on Monday, April 15th.

What Is This All About?

There are two things you have to understand about this new partnership.

Firstly, Steem Monsters will use the funds they generate from the Sesameseed campaign for their new branding strategy. Specifically, they plan to create a new front-end website that will in some ways be integrated with the TRON community, which includes integration with TRON's technology (blockchain, wallet, plugins).

Secondly, the back-end stays the same, meaning that Steem Monsters will still run on the Steem blockchain. The new Splinterlands website project should, therefore, be perceived as a marketing endeavor, not a migration to TRON! The project's sole purpose is to bring in more users to Steem Monsters and Steem blockchain, and the partnership with TRON can certainly make that possible.

Splinterlands is a branding strategy, not a migration to the TRON blockchain!

The TRON gaming community is quite large, and there's no doubt that its members will gladly invest in Steem Monsters to have fun, engage with the Steem community and profit from their investments.

What Effect Will This Partnership Have On The Existing Players?

Existing Steem Monsters players should greet this partnership. As more players join the game, the demand for SM cards will grow, and so will the cards' value. Note that the existing pool of Steem Monsters Beta edition booster packs stays the same.

The only thing that’s changing (with regards to Steem Monsters cards) is that the Beta edition booster packs will feature 4 new promotional cards. These new cards will only be purchasable through the Steem Monsters Sesameseed campaign, and will only be available during the duration of the campaign.

About The Campaign

All users will be able to participate in the crowdfunding campaign. Furthermore, users will have to make their contributions in TRON currency (TRX) or Sesameseed tokens (SEED). The Steam Monsters team said, "There will be significant advantages to contributing via the SEED token over TRX, and information on the various ways to acquire SEED tokens will be made available before the campaign goes live."

The promo cards look mighty fine, don’t they?

The campaign should start on April 15th, and is expected to last 2 weeks. Note that the offered cards, which you can see in the above image, will be extremely rare and valuable, giving their holders an extra boost in Steem Monsters battles and tournaments.

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