Starting today, users can purchase Bidali services with Enjin Coin (ENJ). Bidali is a payments platform that uses distributed ledger technologies (DLTs) to bring transparent and unobstructed payments options to users worldwide.

Partnering With Enjin

As of today, all Bidali users can utilise its software and accept payments in ENJ. The software also gives online retailers the option to be paid in their local fiat currency (should they accept ENJ). Thankfully, users won’t have to do this manually because the software has a function that automatically calculates taxes and conversion rates.

Enjin is yet another fresh addition to the Bidali platform. Bidali has been progressively partnering with blockchain companies, specifically with gaming companies. Bidali sees gaming companies as natural allies because they embrace cryptocurrency payments. Why?

  • Most gamers are technologically inclined and will be able to grasp and see the benefits of cryptocurrency payments.
  • Cryptocurrency payments allow under 18 gamers to monetise assets they earn from playing blockchain-based games.
  • Chargebacks are more common and easier to execute, which makes the consumers more protected.
  • Gamers are more familiar with digital assets, digital currencies and tokens than most other demographic groups.

Enjin Is A Natural Partner

Enjin Mintshop outputting digital assets backed by NFT ERC-1155

Enjin's platform is simple, user-friendly and easy to use. It provides game developers with powerful tools and enables them to integrate their game ideas with the blockchain. Furthermore, Enjin offers secure smart contracts, all audited by the same group of people that designed ERC-1155 token.

Bidali is particularly interested in Enjin's ERC-1155 token, which, unlike many other tokens, allows users to send multiple items to multiple users in just one transaction. Thanks to this partnership, ENJ coin holders can now purchase services and tangible goods on Bidali platform.

Furthermore, ENJ coin owners may also purchase gift cards with ENJ. On Bidali, they can find various gift cards from multiple companies, including Amazon, PlayStation, XBox, iTunes, and so forth.

A Cause For Celebration

Enjin had a very successful year, and their partnership with Bidali is just a cherry on top. The fact that Bidali accepts crypto and offers fiat exchange is very plausible, and will undoubtedly help Enjin promote its coins, assets and platform.

Enjin CEO Maxim Blagov praised Bidali's innovative approach. Specifically, Enjin is very much amazed by Bidali’s idea of giving the users an option to purchase gift cards with crypto. The two companies are more than happy with their recent partnership and will gladly share their enthusiasm with their communities.

Enjin and Bidali launch their gift cards giveaway to celebrate their partnership

The two are co-hosting a celebratory giveaway, which will be carried out by backed by Enjin Beam technology. Participants will have to scan the QR code, and in doing so, they'll receive special-edition ERC-1155. Users can keep the tokens, trade them, or melt them and retrieve their underlying pertaining value (in ENJ).

The first 600 participants that scan the QR code will also have a chance of receiving a blockchain gift card (first of its kind)! The gift card contains digital assets in the value of up to $50 (visit this link for more info).