When we launched DGaming.com as a media site in October 2018, we were bold when sharing our vision.

We stated our intent was to help push the industry towards mass adoption by raising awareness of decentralized gaming, and doing whatever we could to promote the fantastic projects that are being developed.

To date, we have amassed 7,603 followers across our social platforms, provoking 10,630 interactions with our 230 pieces of content. We’ve also conducted various PR activities to promote the entire industry, which have been featured by the likes of VentureBeat, Yahoo Finance, PC Gamer, and 33 others; with an estimated audience size of 440,528,700. Lastly, we hosted our own conference at the SiGMA iGaming Event to present the powers of DGaming to a mainstream iGaming B2B audience.

DGaming branding at entrance of the SiGMA event which hosted 12,500 people
DGaming Editor-in-Chief opening the DGaming conference at SiGMA

As we’ve got to know each of the projects, we’ve been blown away by the passion and ingenuity of the people behind the growing force that is DGaming. We believe DGaming will not only change gaming, but it will be the catalyst that pushes blockchain technology towards mass adoption.

Inspired by this, we’ve been working behind the scenes on something that takes our commitment to our goal to a new level. After a lot of hard work, we’re delighted to finally be able to share with you...

The DGaming Store.

The DGaming Store homepage

What is The DGaming Store?

The DGaming Store is a platform where all of your favourite DGames will live, and many that you may not have heard of yet.

It is designed with a slick UI/UX, and will make it easy for players to discover and browse a vast array of games, and play them within a few clicks. It will also make it easier for developers to get more traffic to their games, as they’ll have the backing of our top-class marketing experts who will be driving traffic to our platform; a place where games will be promoted based on merit.

Our aim is to create a product that will make decentralized gaming as common as traditional gaming, and accessible for new gamers who are not yet familiar with blockchain technology.

Today, we start by releasing our Minimum Viable Product (MVP). The first release is the browser version of our product.

There will be a constant stream of updates over the coming months, and we’ll publish our roadmap shortly. But here’s a sneak peek of a few things that are in development…


As well as creating our own reviews for each game, we are currently working on the ability to add player reviews to the store, with a mechanic that only allows players that have played the game to leave a review.

The DGaming Store reviews

Statistics & Analytics

Currently, you’ll be able to find some statistics in the game list as well as on each game page, which show the number of transfers from Ethereum, as well as the number of unique wallets and number of transactions within in-game smart contracts.

Our goal is to increase the usefulness of the data presented, and we plan to add the calculations of ERC-token transfers within smart contracts too. We have a ready-made solution, it’s just a matter of time before it’s implemented.

Mobile App

Also in development, is the mobile version of the DGaming store, which will allow users to store their DGaming assets within its in-built crypto wallet. So you’ll soon be able to play your favourite DGame using the mobile store’s in-built browser. As the mobile app is such a big development milestone, it deserves its own article, and we’ll publish a more detailed one shortly.

But please note, this is a project for the DGaming community, and as such, your input is vital to help us shape a platform that can grow a community that we’re all proud to be a part of.

Help us shape the future

If you’re a developer and you haven’t already done so, if you would like to add your game to the store, you can do so by entering your details into this typeform.

And if you’re a player, what are you waiting for? Discover your new favourite DGame in our store! You can also join us in our Discord and Telegram communities, and get updates from our social media channels, which are linked below. Share this news with your friends and become a part of the DGaming revolution!