The War Riders 1-minute gameplay teaser trailer is finally out, and it is unveiling many things to us. The game is set in Mad Max-like, post-apocalyptic desert world, where players will ride, mine, shoot and steal, all to acquire Benzene (BZN), a finite and scarce currency.

What Is The Trailer Showing Us?

Aside from the crazy action? Amazing graphics. Blockchain games are a mixture of traditional game mechanics and decentralization (asset ownership, free trade, item migration, and so forth). It is clear that Cartified, the company developing War Riders, mixes core features of both the traditional and DGaming industry very well.

War Riders gameplay teaser

The trailer demonstrates actual (not cinematic) in-game footage. The graphics, as well as gameplay mechanics, look pristine. This is something that will, without a doubt, attract more traditional gamers to the DGaming industry. After all, though it is a blockchain-based video game, it’s still a video game, meaning that most players will look for quality gameplay and nice-looking graphics. Judging from the trailer, Cartified is more than aware of this and will continue to improve these core video game features.

Economy Meets Gameplay

In War Riders, everything revolves around BZN, currency backed by ERC-20 tokens. Players will need BZN to sustain their in-game actions, such as upgrading their vehicles, expanding their garages. It's still unclear whether BZN will be tradable in the real world. In his interview for Coindesk, Cartified CEO Vlad Kartashov said, "We plan on adding BZN to exchanges when the pre-sale ends."

BZN logo‌‌

The development team will also use an algorithm to ensure that the in-game economy stays stable. If the algorithm determines more BZN is needed, it will randomly drop BZN caches within the world. Naturally, the more you play the game, the likelihood of you finding these caches increases.

It's Not All About BZN

Yes, we said that game revolves around BZN, but just having BZN isn't enough. The trailer gives as a glance at how the mining will work. Players will need to find a mining station, and initialize mining missions; the more vehicles they send on a mission, the chance of mission's success increases.