What happened?

VGO is a platform that allows users to trade digital items instantly without any restrictions or trade holds.

In August, they officially became the world’s most popular DApp, with a transaction volume 4.5x higher than all other DApps combined.

Source: Etherscan

Why did this happen?

The initial success of VGO was down to the fact they gave players the opportunity to trade items without restrictions that were imposed on similar DApps. They offered one-of-a-kind weapons that can be collected, traded, bought, sold or played in games such as The Forge Arena.

However, despite their initial success, the project was almost derailed. A project called FCoin crippled the Ethereum blockchain, causing massive congestion on the network. As one of the most popular DApps at the time, this had huge implications for VGO who were faced with huge transaction delays and a massive increase in gas fees.

VGO made the decision to move to the alpha WAX blockchain where they have been able to continue their unrestricted growth.

What influence will it exert on the industry?

The success of a new technology isn’t going to be without its challenges. The situation with VGO has certainly highlighted a challenge for the Ethereum blockchain.

The damage done by an irresponsible exchange like FCoin, who has been accused of crippling the Ethereum network for cheap publicity, will have slightly lowered confidence in the Ethereum network. The fact that the most popular DApp moved from the network will have lowered confidence further still.

VGO have stated that the natural progression for DApp developers was to move to a purpose built blockchain that can support their volume as they grow. It’s worth keeping an eye on the situation to see whether others follow suit.