What happened?

Ubisoft, one of the world’s leading video game publishers, is a very public supporter of the power blockchain technology can have in the world of gaming.

They’ve recently given a preview of a world-building blockchain game their developing, where players will earn tokens for creating in-game challenges.

Ubisoft Strategy Innovation Lab manager Nicolas Pouard is extremely enthusiastic about the impact the technology can have on the industry.

“We strongly believe that blockchain is a huge thing that will change the gaming industry. We don’t know how but we have the means to explore.”

Why did this happen?

Traditional gaming companies can see the huge potential that blockchain technology has for the gaming industry.

There has perhaps been a bit of hesitancy for gaming companies to explore blockchain tech as it has the potential to diminish their power over the consumer.

But the consumer can drive change, and as an innovative, market leader in gaming, Ubisoft want to have a say over how this technology impacts the industry for years to come.

What influence will it exert on the industry?

The impact that Ubisoft could have on the industry is huge. Ubisoft has over 20 years experience in bringing some of the biggest games of all-time to market.

Firstly, they could help bring blockchain to the mainstream. All it takes is one killer game for mass adoption to happen, and that could be the catalyst for everyday consumers becoming more familiar with the technology and be the seed of change in other industries too.

Secondly, the fact that Ubisoft are publicly discussing their exploration of blockchain technology could trigger an arms race among other industry giants. It’s fair to say that blockchain is going to revolutionize the way we play games. So it stands to reason that the first business to crack the mass adoption code will be in pole position to lead the industry.