Today, BitGuild announced that they are migrating to TRON, a growing platform that offers fast, efficient and secure blockchain-gaming services. BitGuild is now one of many games that have decided to join TRON’s booming ecosystem.

Why Migrate to TRON?

On the one side, TRON is an increasingly growing blockchain platform. On the other, Bitizens (made by BitGuild) is a game with an increasingly growing community. To meet the demands of a growing community, Bitizens will join the TRON platform.

BitGuild believes that TRON offers a solution to the current blockchain problems by providing users with a fast transaction system, stable dApps, lower gas fees, and so much more. TRON's Virtual Machine (TVM) also enables users to develop their own dApps, as well as to adopt TRX tokens (and get a share in the TRON platform).

When BitGuild saw that the release of TRON's personal MainNet was a success, they decided to join the party. As we said, TRON's list of partners has been growing rapidly over the past couple of weeks, which indicates that their platform is appreciated.

What Impact Will This Partnership Have On The Bitizens?

During the merger, BitGuild team will transfer player’s IGO items to their new TRON wallet. A user will then receive an email containing guidelines on how to access their new wallet. After the merger, users will be able to purchase IGO assets with TRX (and vice versa).

To celebrate the merger, players will be able to buy a TRON set. Furthermore, the development team also announced that the will be co-hosting future events with TRON, including this year’s Christmas event

Emphasizing User Experience

A great user experience is imperative for any game. It must be understood broadly, as a collection of experienced players go through while playing. That's why TRON is focusing hard on making their tools accessible and easy to use, which makes the process of developing dApps exciting and smooth.

For instance, having a secure platform where users can trade assets without high fees and gas taxes can profoundly influence the game's success. Optimizing game features, fixing bugs and growing an organic community is what makes games good and worth playing.

With TRON, Bitizens got the freedom and security they needed. Bitizens are reminded to keep a close eye on the time of the merger and to prepare themselves for the upcoming events.