DApp developers see the Christmas holiday season as an opportunity to say "thank you" to their communities. Many worked hard to deliver XMAS updates, featuring special events, giveaways, and discounts. The XMAS holiday season is also an outstanding chance for current and soon-to-be DGamers to try multiple DGames, explore their content and have some fun with other DGamers.

To make things easy for you, we've composed a list, in no particular order, of the top 5 DGaming Christmas giveaways. Read below to see just how generous these giveaways are!

1. Axie Infinity

Image from Axie Infinity blog

Two days ago, Axie Infinity launched their Holiday Event. This event introduces a new breeding mechanic, which allows players to breed Axies with limited edition parts. The parts can be produced within a specific time frame, and cannot be replicated in the future.

This mechanic will allow players to unlock 6 Holiday skins. These parts will have the same stats but will look unique. The uniqueness and rarity of these parts will be permanent, and their value will grow over time.

2. Blockchain Cuties

Christmas Cutie

Blockchain Cuties prepared tons of content for Cutieneers. Their 24-day Advent Calendar rewards active players, giving them presents each day (such as potions, images of in-game Cuties, and so forth).

The team also created a Snowy Mountain adventure, which encourages players to spread the word that Christmas is coming. In return, players receive contribution points, which they can later redeem for rewards.

3. Chainbreakers

Example of possible items from the Chainbreakers offer

Chainbreakers had a very successful year, so they've decided to share their joy with their community. They launched a limited-edition Christmas event, which lasts until December 24th.

Users can claim their rewards via Discord. Rank 1 users can claim an uncommon item (of their choice), while Rank 3 users have the ability to request an additional rare item. All rewards are, in essence, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

4. CryptoKitties

Christmas Kitties

CryptoKitties have been active this during the Xmas season. First, they've created SantaClaws, a limited-edition Kitty. Furthermore, SantaClaws came with 3 breed-able 'Purrstige' traits; reindeer, holidaycheer and lit. You can check this article to learn more about the breeding mechanics.

And further still, CryptoKitties introduced their Make an Offer feature, which allows users to make a bid on any Kitty. Players pay fees for each offer, and during the holiday season, all offer fees have 50% off.

5. War of Crypto

Three of the Christmas skinned heroes

Last, but certainly not the least, is the War of Crypto XMAS update. The update features 6 newly added Christmas skinned heroes. In essence, players can obtain heroes with unchanged stats but with a unique holiday appearance.

Players can obtain these skins through War of Crypto Early Access sale. The development team also changed how the drop rates work; when players purchase one of the 6 heroes, they have 50:50 chance of obtaining either an Early Access skin or Christmas skin.