In January 2019, Decentraland released a new version of their Software Development Kit (SDK). Decentraland then organized a hackathon in order to create compelling 3D content by leveraging new features that came with SDK 5.0. What were the results of this event?

What Changed In Decentraland SDK 5.0?

Decentraland’s SDK 5.0 was built from scratch and based on the Entity Component System (ECS) architecture. Effectively, everything that is created with this SDK is an entity, and every entity can have components with specific characteristics, such as position in space, shape, form, color, and so on.

Decentraland’s SDK v5.0 is more intuitive and easier to use

Decentraland argues that an ECS is a proven development tool for writing high-performance code. Moreover, an ECS also makes the process of code-writing more simple and is as such perfect for those who have no experience with coding and game development.

On The Hackathon Results

Few weeks after the new SDK was unveiled, Decentraland organized a hackathon to gather valuable feedback from the participants. During the event, participants developed diverse projects, including games, casino machines, and explorable environments.

Aside from demonstrating the SDK's vast potential, participants also provided Decentraland with insightful information regarding the SDK. Based on this information, Decentraland is currently working on version 5.1 of their SDK.

Among other things, SDK 5.1 will include better support for audio and 3D model animations, as well as bug fixes, performance improvements and tools for building 2D overlaid UIs.

About The Winners And Their Projects

A panel of judges, which consisted of senior Decentraland employees, selected the winners according to their criteria. There was also a "people's choice" award, which was given to one participant by all those who participated in the event.

1st place (tied) - GimMeMANA

A community member HPrivakos developed a provably fair casino slot machine that generated truly random results with the power of blockchain technology.

Reward: 1 LAND + 10000 MANA

1st place (tied + people's choice award) - Mika's Kitchen Simulator

Developed by Pravus, Mauricio and Nico from Decentraland’s staff, Mika's Kitchen Simulator was inspired by Overcooked and Job Simulator. In this game, players follow food recipes and cook food in a fast food joint with cyberpunk scenery.

DGaming’s author failing to please the customers in Mika’s Kitchen Simulator

The goal of the game is to please the anxious customers and deliver the food before their patience runs out.

Reward: 1 LAND + 10000 MANA + 1 LAND

2nd place - Click a Mole

A community member Tak created a classic whack-a-mole game on a 10x10 grid map. The goal of this game is to click on as many holes as possible within a 60-second timeframe.