Today, burgeoning cryptocurrency exchange Kriptomat unveiled their partnership with 8 game developers. The game developers will integrate Kriptomat's platform and ERC-1155 token standard in their games, allowing users to earn ERC-1155 backed items and trade them on the Kriptomat platform.

Building a Gaming Multiverse

Following their recent partnership with Enjin, Kriptomat now seeks new partners to broaden their user base and build the Kriptomat Multiverse. The multiverse will feature numerous games, including Age of Rust, AlterVerse (which is a multiverse in itself), War of Crypto, Forest Knight, and Rebounce.

Kriptomat Multiverse will feature many blockchain games 

Like Enjin, Kriptomat will utilize the ERC-1155 token standard to create an interconnected gamified experience and allow users to earn items and trade them on their exchange.

Furthermore, the Kriptomat Multiverse will act as a subsection of the Enjin Multiverse, which now counts 35 blockchain games. Kriptomat will also award all Founder Token holders with perpetual rewards and airdrops through their exchange platform.

How Will This Work?

Eight game publishers will develop 24 games and run them on the Ethereum blockchain, which supports ERC-20 and ERC-1155 tokens. Each game will integrate with Kriptomat and enable players to earn in-game items and exchange them for cryptocurrencies of fiat currencies.

All of these games will be interconnected, thanks to the flexible and interoperable nature of blockchain assets. The identity, history, and ownership of these assets will be stored on-chain, which allows gamers to synchronize their assets with all the games within the Multiverse. This will allow all multiverse games to verify players’ inventory assets and provide them with access to the corresponding in-game items.

Expanding the Enjin Multiverse

AlterVerse, GDAC, Kriptomat; all of these names are working with Enjin in order to build a vast gaming multiverse. To date, Enjin has attracted 17 game developers, all of which will use Enjin's platform and ERC-1155 token standard to create more than 40 DApps and websites.

All multiverse items will be backed by Enjin Coin

It’s also worth mentioning that Enjin is currently developing its own SDK. The SDK will run on Unity, one of the world's largest game development platforms, and will enable developers to mint ERC-1155 tokens with Enjin's Mintshop and implement them in their games. Gamers will then play the games, earn tokenized items and trade them on Kriptomat, GDAC, and other exchange platforms for crypto or fiat currencies.

Join the Giveaway

If you'd like to become an early adopter of the Kriptomat Multiverse, you can join their giveaway and equip yourself with Kriptomat Multiverse items.

Kriptomat is asking their community members to perform various social sharing and marketing actions, for which they'll be rewarded with valuable items. You’ll then be able to use these items in some Kriptomat Multiverse games.