It's an excellent time to be a Gods Unchained (GU) gamer. The news of a new update and fresh features spread throughout the community with lightning speed, bringing joyous sound to everyone that was enthusiastic to hear it.

Picture from Gods Unchained blog


ADWCTA is the Gods Unchained Lead Balance Designer. Before joining Gods Unchained, ADWACTA worked on Hearthstone and developed some of the most sophisticated card drafting and mana value systems.

It’s needless to say that GU developers, designers, and gamers were thrilled when he joined their ranks! Being an expert in creating mechanics and underlying functions for trading card games (TCGs), ADWCTA decided to develop a new and more balanced Mana system.

What Is Mana System?

In TCGs, mana is the fuel that runs all card functions. All cards (regardless of their strength level) require mana. Generally, the stronger the card is, the more mana it needs. And while all this sounds simple, the process of getting the mana isn't that simple.

Various games have different approaches to the mana-gaining system. In Hearthstone, players get mana right at the start of each game. In Magic: The Gathering, players get mana directly from their deck. But things are a little bit different in GU (and spicier).

Gods Unchained Mana System

In GU, players unlock mana with each passing turn. This mana is stored inside the locked gems; the gem’s strength is defined on the scale of 1-9. The system works like this:

  • Gems from 1-5 have only 1 lock (meaning that it takes 1 turn to unlock them)
  • Gems from 6-7 have 2 locks.
  • Gems of 8 have 3 locks.
  • Gems of 9 have 6 locks.

This system will create a fast-paced game with more strategy, options, and tactics. Players will be able to accumulate mana quickly and draw powerful cards, which will make the game very interesting. However, they’ll also need to ensure that they have enough cards on the board to protect themselves from their opponents.

Balancing The Genesis Set

Genesis card set also received changes. Some cards were buffed, some nerfed, and most received minor adjustments. The GU developers also did some redesigning and balancing (regarding classes/tribes).

They've also made changes to the game's design, and have introduced refreshing and entertaining elements to the game. It's also worth noting that the new mana system has been implemented and is now fully functional.

New Wiki Is Coming!

Gamepedia recently created a foundation for the GU wiki. The wiki is in preparation, and over time, will be filled with the game-related information. The GU developers are calling all players to share their suggestions on how the wiki page could be more informative.

The wiki page should help experienced players as well as newcomers, who will undoubtedly learn faster if the needed information is available to them and presented in an easy-to-understand manner.