The Blockchain Cuties 1.55 update was of technical nature and has solved issues regarding EOS and website performance. This update (1.56) is much more interesting, for it brings Cutieneers improved contribution point system (CPS), cosmetic novelties, Hedgehogs, and many other cool things!

Explaining the Contribution Point System

Blockchain Cuties unveiled the CPS in their very first Christmas update. Players earned points by overcoming Christmas challenges. However, players were unable to use these points (up until now). The 1.56 update explains that those who earned points are now able to exchange them for certain in-game items. These include potions, paw coins, cute coins, and so forth).

The development team announced that the points and score will reset with each upcoming challenge-packed event. That way, Blockchain Cuties is rewarding active players that participate in these events. To earn points, players must complete a challenge (players won't receive points if they don't finish a challenge).

A list of rewards players can obtain by completing Christmas challenges

Hedgehogs and Visual Changes

Hedgehog is a new pet-cutie added to the game. The community knew that they were coming, and now, with 1.56, they've finally arrived! With new pets come new abilities, powers and secrets (as well as the new breeding partner).

The 1.56 update also brings with it some visual changes. Specifically, eye colour restrictions have now been removed from the game. This was decided by the majority of the Blockchain Cuties community. The change implies that all newly bred cuties will have an eye colour based on their pertaining tributes.

Furthermore, the ears of cuties will now be visible through some hats (these hats will be rare). It's interesting to know that the development team considered this to be a bug (which it was), but the community liked this bug and inspired developers to create rare hats that will make cuties' ears visible.

Hedgehogs - A new breed of Cuties.

TRON Presale And Optimization

A few days ago, Blockchain Cuties announced their integration with TRON. TRON should launch by the end of this year, making Blockchain Cuties the first game to run on 3 blockchains (Ethereum, EOS and TRON). To celebrate this achievement, Blockchain Cuties announced a TRON cutie presale. These cuties are unique, and won't be purchasable after the presale.

The 1.56 update also brings performance improvements. Previously, images of cuties were shown in the SVG format. This made cuties' images astonishing but at the cost of performance. The development team decided to switch from the SVG to PNG format, which should reduce CPU consumption and improve performance.

Users can still view their cuties, as well as their animations, on the cuties page. The optimization should also reduce battery consumption, which will, without a doubt, be greeted by those who play the game on their mobile devices.