We apologize to our readers for being a little bit quiet over the past week, but it’s for good reason, we promise!

As we’ve previously stated, our mission is to help grow the DGaming industry and bring it to a wider audience. As part of that mission, our team attended the SiGMA event in Malta.

We hosting our own conference where we discussed the amazing things that are being made possible by the DGaming industry. We were proud to have this platform to share our thoughts with an audience that primarily consisted of iGaming professionals.

A number of excellent speakers were in attendance, each of whom added interesting points to the discussion. They discussed the innovation that’s happening, the challenges faced by the industry, and the things that are made possible by DGaming.

As for the exhibition, it was fantastic to see such a large presence of blockchain gambling companies demonstrating the exciting things they’re working on. It was clear to everyone there, that this presence will continue to grow.

We’d like to thank all of our speakers, those who attended the conference and everyone who continues to work hard innovate and grow the DGaming industry.