Yesterday, Blockchain Cuties released an update featuring an improved UI as well as the new Spirit World. Some things were redesigned and altered; others freshly added. Developers also announced some upcoming changes that are to come in the future updates.

The Raid Boss UI And Timer Changes

The Blockchain Cuties 1.51 update delivered UI improvements, bug fixes, and new mechanics. The update features the new Raid Boss UI, which now shows more useful information about the raids. Raid level requirements are now clear and should help avoid confusion in the heads of the new players.

The new UI now showcases Raid Boss stats, including strength, power, drop, and so forth. The UI is neatly designed, easy to read and understand. Players can also see the Raid Boss timer. When the timer expires, raid participants will receive their well-deserved CUTE coins.

The Raid Boss timer is now different. It's no longer random, which allows players to plan their raids upfront. More importantly, there'll no longer be a situation when some raids occurred more often than the others. Now, players will know when and how often will they have to prepare for their raid bosses.

Raid Progress And Polished Energy System

The raid boss UI now shows the statistics regarding raid progress. New statistics now show the number of battles that have occurred, who won the battles (Cuties or Boss), and who is currently winning the war. If the statistics show 51% in the player’s favor, it means that they're winning the war.

Also, the new energy system is much more user-friendly. It now shows two bars, one in green and other in blue. The green bar shows the player's default (free) energy, while the blue bar shows player's premium energy.

Players now also have more option regarding energy purchases. They can buy less or more energy, and now have the choice to purchase energy with Paws (as opposed to the Ethereum payment option).

The Halloween Update And Its Changes

On Halloween, Blockchain Cuties deployed the Wicked Witch that gave players Halloween-related tasks. The players completed most of the quests and shall be rewarded for their best efforts. Additionally, they may now enter the newly added Spirit World, which has new quests and the new raid boss.

Bone Dragon (the new boss) is easier to conquer and drops unique items. To fight this new boss, players must navigate through their Halloween tab. Players can also acquire Dragon Bones, which enables them to craft new items, such as bracelets, armor, and even a new creature (known as Wicked Bone Dragon).

Bots, Drop System, And Other Minor Adjustments

Bots are now more real, in the sense that they don't merely mirror the player's stats. Instead, bots are generated on-demand and possess stats appropriate to the Cutie's level.

What this means is that the players now have to think carefully with how they're going to level their Cuties. They'll have to fight bots of their appropriate level and arm them with weapons, spells, and armor as they progress.

Additionally, Send to Adventure function runs more smoothly now. Also, the developers remodeled the drop system, which now gives players a chance to drop more than one item upon adventure completion.

New Creatures And Future Updates

The Blockchain Cuties developers introduced the Mythic creatures to the game. These new creatures are unique, rare and belong to no particular race. The first expected creature of its kind is the Bone Dragon.

As we already said, players can make the Bone Dragon by crafting it with bones they’ve previously collected. And here's the fun part; players will be able to breed their cuties with these creatures. These creatures were also added to the EOS player base (Gryphon being the first of its kind). It’s worth noting that only EOS players can obtain Gryphon.

Developers said that they plan to implement new mechanics into the game, such as the cutie grouping. They also plan to redesign bosses, implement housing, etc. They’ve also teased the players by reminding them that Christmas is just around the corner (which means GIFTS and EVENTS)!