A Tablé, an Ethereum-powered game, has launched its presale today. As of now, users can purchase ingredient mixes, bake their Yummies and get early adopter benefits.

The Basic Premise Of A Tablé

In A Tablé, players buy baking ingredients. Once a player acquires a sufficient amount of ingredients, they bake their Yummies. Yummies are both tasty and cute, and will, when the game launches, embark on a journey to explore Yummy Islands.

Once baked, each Yummy becomes a unique ERC-721 token. The game currently has 3 Yummy races:

  • Bunny enjoys ice cream, tea and candies. And being a bunny, Bunny enjoys spending time in a garden.
  • Unicorn is a true carnivore and a barbeque master. It also loves parties and carnivals, where it passionately devours cotton candy and French croissants.
  • Salamander is essentially a cocktail and loves spending time at the Yummy island beaches. It is made of fruit, spices and pearlescent shells.

How Will The Game Work?

Now that the presale has launched, players can buy Bunny, Unicorn or Salamander mixes. Players also have the option to purchase ingredients and bake their own unique Yummies. For example, players can mix two Yummies and get a rare Yummy. Furthermore, they can use different ingredients, make their own recipes and focus on manufacturing rare Yummies.

Aside from baking Yummies, players will be able to buy them on the market. Players will also have the ability to gift Yummies to other players. A Tablé developers (EverdreamSoft) also announced that they plan on adding a leaderboard to their game, allowing players to compare stats and compete.

Players will only need one Yummy to play the game. However, it's worth noting that different Yummy races will have different abilities, which means that some Yummies will perform better in some, and worse in other in-game situations.

On EverdreamSoft and BitCrystals

A Tablé is baked by EvedreamSoft (EDS) and delivered by BitCrystals (BCY). EDS were founded in 2010, and has recently been working on integrating blockchain with gaming. In 2017, they launched a blockchain card game called Spells of Genesis, which really put them on the map.

They accept payments in BitCoin, and Bitcrystals; their native cryptocurrency. EDS offers various services and products, including cryptocurrency wallets and blockchain-based marketing tools for companies and individuals alike.

Why Join Now?

If you are interested in investing in A Tablé, now is the time to do it. Why? During the presale (which will last for 90 days), ingredients will be sold at a lower price. Furthermore, early adopters also have a higher chance of obtaining Yummies with rare body parts.