Ever since Taurion was presented to the public, the team behind it has been working non-stop. In this article, we're going to talk about the technical changes Taurion devs have been making over the past couple of months, and how the game will work once it's released to the public.

Understanding the Fame System

First, let's talk about Taurion's fame system. Each account will start with 100 fame points. Furthermore, each time you kill an opponent you take 100 fame points away from them, and vice versa. This function won’t work if the opponent you kill has 0 fame points.

The more fame points you get, the higher you go in the game's level system. For example, having 1,000 fame points unlocks for you the Hunter rank, 2,000 unlocks the Slayer rank, and so on. Another cool thing about this is system is that, once you're a Slayer, you can only collect points by killing those that are Slayer rank or above it.

Taurion’s May 2019 dev progress

The game will also feature a global fame leaderboard, where players will compete for, well, fame! The points won't give you a practical advantage in the game, but you will be able to acquire fame by acquiring fame points. So while fame points won’t give you any concrete, tangible reward, it will undoubtedly be very rewarding to see your name on top of that leaderboard!

Tweaks & Changes

The team has decided to increase the attack damage of the starting vehicles in order to allow faster alpha testing. Additionally, the base speed of starting vehicles has been increased by 3 hex per block in order to allow fast-paced gameplay.

The Taurion team has also announced that the upcoming demo release will feature cool rewards for their community members. It's still unsure what prizes the players will be able to receive. The devs said on the forum, "Prizes are still being decided on - maybe chi or maybe in-game items."

Fronted Improvements

Aside from making backend changes, the Taurion team has also added the improved UI to the Unreal front-end. Also, the devs are happy to announce that the in-game chat system is now fully functional and allows players to communicate in both the XAYA and Taurion channels.

The overall experience in-game has also been improved. Specifically, graphics now look slightly better, music tracks were added, performance has been improved, and some sound effects were added.

Taurion - a place where you’ll pay a high price for minor mistakes

To find the full list of changes, feel free to visit XAYA's Taurion forum. This forum is also a great place to instantly find the latest news about this upcoming strategy game built on the XAYA blockchain.

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