Crypto Space Commander (CSC) is bringing Star Trek to the blockchain gaming universe! The CSC team announced that they'd hold a special, time-limited event this year.  During the event, players will be able to purchase Star Trek-themed assets and enjoy them in and out of the game.

Delivering Star Trek to CSC

CSC will offer U.S.S. Enterprise and other Star Trek spaceships during a time-limited event. We still don’t know the exact date of this event, so be sure to keep an eye on our news site from here on in.

Star Trek is coming to the Crypto Space Commander universe

Like all other unique crypto assets, your Star Trek assets will be unique and stored on the blockchain. For example, if you purchase the famous U.S.S. Enterprise, only you and no one else will own it, forever. You'll, however, be able to sell it somewhere down the road, but that choice will be yours to make.

How Will This Even Work?

Star Trek toys, particularly those that came out in the 1960s, are still being pursued by collectors. CSC will try to mimic this effect by creating unique, one of a kind assets on the blockchain.

Once minted, these Non-Fungible-Tokens (NFTs) will forever remain on the blockchain. When we say that an asset is an NFT, by that we mean that it's unique, unreproducible, and unreplicable. In the real world, various experts gather together to confirm the authenticity of an item. For example, to confirm that you own an original 1960s Start Trek toy Spock, you need papers, documents, and often 3rd-party experts.

Does this ship look familiar to you?

Things work differently on the blockchain. Each asset has its own line of code and carries with it its transaction history, ownership status, origin information, and so on. This data cannot be edited or manipulated, which makes the authentication process more simple and less expensive.

Collect & Play

Since CSC is a video game, you'll be able to play with your Star Trek assets. In the real world, you'd probably keep your toys somewhere safe in order to preserve their value. But here we're talking about playable digital assets stored on the blockchain.

CSC Start Trek assets will be ERC-721 tokens, stored on the Ethereum blockchain. Effectively, you'll be able to play with your collectibles, explore the CSC universe, and later sell them on the marketplace. But unlike traditional auctions, you won't have to pay high fees and give away percentages to experts and auctioneers.

Collectors can play with their assets without lowering the value

If you never heard of Crypto Space Commander, be sure to visit their official blog to find more about it. And be sure to check out our DGaming Store to find numerous other Ethereum and EOS crypto games!