Yesterday, it was announced that SnailFarm will launch on the POA sidechain. The SnailFarm devs argue that their decision to run the game on the sidechain will allow gamers to play SnailFarm with lower and faster transactions.

Why Join The POA Network?

After already running on the Ethereum blockchain, SnailThrone will soon be available on the POA Network and named POA Snailfarm. There are 3 main reasons why the SnailThrone devs decided to run their game on the POA sidechain:

  • The POA network features faster transactions; POA network takes 5 seconds per block, whereas the Ethereum blockchain takes 15 seconds per block
  • The POA network replaces Ethereum's Proof of Work (PoW) with the Proof of Authority (PoA) system, which reduces transaction fees and gas costs
  • The POA network native token features more entry-level and flexible exchange rates
The POA Network was built with gamers in mind

How Will This Benefit The Players?

Both the devs and the players will benefit from the faster transactions and lower fees.  The devs will be able to invest more money into the game itself, while the players will either spend less money on the game or get more out of the money they invest. In both cases, it’s a win-win situation for the players.

Furthermore, the cost of various game-related actions will be flexible and aligned with the prize pool. For example, if the costs are high, the prizes and potential rewards will also be high. Similarly, if there's no money in the pot, the cost of on-chain actions will also be low,  which should encourage players to perform actions and fill the pot.

What Is SnailFarm 3?

The SnailFarm 3 is the POA Network version of the original SnailThrone game. It follows a straightforward concept of similar blockchain farming games, and that is to hatch your eggs and raise as many snails as possible. As a new player, you can buy your starting snails, hatch the eggs into snails, and sell your eggs on the market.

Players can also increase their hatch size by finding their own source of food, claim passive rewards for actively playing the game, interact with the community and much more.

Do snails eat purple carrots? 

The devs also see the launching of SnailFarm on the POA Network as an opportunity to balance and polish the game. POA SnailFarm will, therefore, feature fairer eggPot and snailPot systems, as well as the new Snailmaster’s Quest system, which will reward the players with POA tokens if they complete specific tasks.

Those interested in SnailFarm should know that the game will launch on February 7th, at 9 PM UTC. We also recommend that you read our in-depth article about the POA Network to better inform yourself before joining the network.