Scatter, one of the most popular crypto wallets for EOS, Ethereum and TRON unveiled their plan to bring more games to the EOS blockchain. The Scatter developers will utilize their skills and help game developers successfully and securely migrate their games to the blockchain in order to better monetize their games and reach more users.

Which Groups Are Eligible For This Process?

The Scatter team will assist these 3 groups in their migration process:

  • Game developers that published their games on Steam but didn't achieve their goals. Scatter argues that EOS features many tools that help game developers with marketing and investing without ad spamming and privacy compromisation.
  • Game developers that want to reach more users and expand their player base. Many EOS users already have funds on their accounts and are anxious to try new, quality games.
  • Game developers that developed the prototype for their games but never finalized them. If the game prototype is worth it, the Scatter team will help them develop their game and build their community.
Scatter will make your game into a blockchain game

On Game Licensing & Migration

For projects that fit the above-mentioned standards, the Scatter team will license their game's rights and port their assets, code and digital rights to the EOS blockchain. If they only have the prototype, the team will evaluate it and help build it.

Specifically, Scatter has developed 3 methods to make this process possible. These are:

  1. Scatter will pay for the game license for an agreed number of years. Once the initial contract expires, Scatter will either renegotiate the contract or return the license and rights back to the project’s creators. Any changes and updates that Scatter makes to the game will remain with the original creator.
  2. Scatter will pay upfront for the license and split the profits. Since they're splitting the profits, the upfront payment would be less than it would be if with the 1st method.
  3. Scatter will purchase the rights for unfinished prototypes and hire the creators as a developer to finish the game. This is an excellent opportunity for all game developers who wish to finish their game and learn how the EOS platform works.

Emphasizing Flexibility

Scatter is more than willing to hear thoughts and ideas from the DGaming community that would make this process even better. Moreover, the team is very flexible in terms of license pricing and other costs, and will gladly work with projects to make the migration process possible.

Scatter is one of the most used crypto wallets

Also, Scatter isn't interested in re-selling games to 3rd parties. Instead, they're interested in helping DGaming projects monetize their game by utilizing the blockchain technology.