The second CryptoMotors' Design Challenge is now underway. For this unique competition, CryptoMotors is asking its community to design an SUV or a Crossover SUV with the futuristic environment in mind. CryptoMotors will pick the top 3 designs and transform them into playable digital collectibles in CryptoMotors.

Partnership With Gravity Sketch

CryptoMotors teamed up with Gravity Sketch to make this Design Challenge even more enjoyable and exciting. Gravity Sketch is a British company that offers VR 3D design tools to users worldwide.

Somewhere in the galaxy...

Effectively, CryptoMotors has integrated Gravity Sketch's VR sketching software to deliver a VR 3D design experience to its users. The tool is compatible with top VR headsets, including  Oculus, Vive, and Windows Mixed Reality.

Why The Design Challenge?

CryptoMotors developed a story about two pioneers, Jan and Mallow. These two have settled on a planet named 51 PEGASI b. The planet is uninhabited, distant and mysterious.

The average temperature on the planet is low, roughly 2° Celsius (35.6° Fahrenheit). The planet’s gravity is just like Earth's, 9.81 g. Jan and Mallow believe that the planet holds great potential, and want to explore it, which is why they need an SUV.

Why Should You Participate?

This Design Challenge is a unique experience. Not only do you get to use advanced technology for free, but you also get to design an SUV that will help Jan and Mallow explore the planet.

Help Jan and Mallow explore this distant planet

You'll have to follow several guidelines from the CryptoMotors team. Firstly, your SUV needs to be futuristic, spacious and equipped with high-tech. The vehicle needs to have 4 wheels and enough space to fit 2 passengers. While designing, you can also enjoy the inspirational playlist the CryptoMotors team has complied.

What Are The Rewards?

The Challenge will happen in 3 stages:

The Ideation Process

For this stage, you need to submit at least 3 sketches. These sketches and/or Photoshop rendering need to display the following: 3/4 front view, 3/4 rear view, and a side view each on a separate page. If your design is in top 5, you'll move on to the next stage.

Submit sketches and win lucrative rewards

Virtual Sketching Exploration

Top 2 participants will receive an official Gravity Sketch software licenses and a VR headset. The last 3 will also get the software, but not the VR headset. With these tools, you'll be able to explore your design in VR.

3D Development

Once the first two stages end, the CryptoMotors team will start developing 3D Surface Modules based on the received sketches and designs. The team will work with the top 3 designers and transform the designs into ERC-721 crypto collectibles. Also, Gravity Sketch will showcase the winning designs to its visitors to demonstrate the power of its technology.

To find more information about the Second Design challenge, be sure to visit the CryptoMotors' official announcement. And don't forget to visit our DGaming Store to find existing and instantly playable DGames.