We launched The MVP of The DGaming Store at the start of April, and as promised, we’ve been working hard to release regular updates.

As part of our most recent update, we’re delighted to announce that 9 games more will be listed on our platform.

Here is an overview of some of the latest games that will be listed in the store:


0xUniverse is a blockchain game that allows players to own customized planets and colonize outer space with unique fully-owned spaceships.

On their space journey, players will encounter numerous adventures, mine resources, and carry out research to reach far corners of the 0xUniverse. Players are also actors within the game and can contribute to the 0xUniverse story and unravel its greatest mysteries.

In our review of 0xUniverse, we concluded, “0xUniverse has a great premise: it’s cool to own a planet, particularly when they’re as nicely designed as in 0xUniverse. The game finds a good balance between making sure it’s cheap enough to play, while also giving an opportunity for people to earn a serious return on their money”.

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Cheeze Wizards

It's time to summon yourself a cheeze wizard and compete in the very first blockchain battle royale game with... cheese. Cheeze Wizards is the ultimate test of skill, as you compete in tournaments where your wizard must take part in one-on-one duels.

The winning wizard gains some of the losing wizards power, proportional to the victory. As the tournament progresses, you need to make sure your wizards are as strong as possible. In the latter rounds, blue mold begins to devour the least powerful wizards, so make sure your wizards are powerful and protected. When you're not competing in tournaments, there are side quests and party prizes to pursue.

So before deciding whether you give an edam about this game, ask yourself... do you have what it takes to become the Big Cheeze?

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It would be unfair to describe Cryptantcrabs as a crypto-collectible game. Yes, you can collect the games in-game asset, mutant crabs called Cryptantcrabs, but the game goes so much deeper than that! The game originates from the popular Southeast Asian sport of 'Betta Fish Fighting'.

It's your job to acquire these mutant crabs, and then train, mutate and challenge other crabs to a fight. Each crab has its own unique markings, with different color combinations, parts and elements. This is your chance to create a unique Cryptantcrab that converts the skilled use of your time into the asset that holds immense value!

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Hedgie is a free-to-play blockchain game for web and mobile. Players journey with their Hedgie through the four Curiopia Kingdoms in pursuit of boosts, resources, and Curio coins.

Boosts can be used to enhance a Hedgie’s unique powers and resources are used to build furniture for the Hedgie House, where each Hedgie recovers its energy for the journey ahead.

Best of all, the Curio that a Hedgie discovers can be spent in the real world at Hedgie-Approved Businesses!

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In CryptoConstellations, it's your chance to own your own Constellation, each one being a fully decentralized crypto-collectible. Once you own a Constellation, it might not be yours forever however.

Other users can pay double the price you paid to take it from you, but don't despair, because that means you make almost double the profit in return!

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MXRT Tribes of War

MXRT Tribes of war is a card-style collectible game based on the history, mythology, and action of the martial arts world. Each player must first acquire a warrior, and then build a tribe.

It's up to you to arm, equip and train your warrior, before doing battle, completing quests and developing their power on the battlefield. Each warrior is yours to own, and can be collected, or traded for a profit.

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In TokenWarriors, this is your opportunity to breed and fight warriors on the blockchain. You can fight your warriors in PvE or PvP battles. Each warrior is unique and can have differing heads, bodies, weapons and specials.

The more your warrior fighters, the higher its experience will grow, which will lead to it leveling up and having better chances in its next battle. Each player must pay an ETH fee to fight, with the majority of the pool being paid to the winner!

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Nifty Football

An Ethereum powered football collectibles game where players can build their own squads and play with provably scarce, unique digital trading cards. Each card is a unique NFT comprised of attributes which affect gameplay. Art by Stanley Chow.

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CryptoServal.io is an Ethereum game centered around collectible animal cards. Fight the alpha boss to collect reward and a rare chance to spawn a new animal card.

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