Gods Unchained released a new update that improves performance, fixes bugs, and introduces various new content to the game. The new update will undoubtedly change the way Gods Unchained is played.

New Cards And Features

The 0.9 update brings 361 new cards and increases a total card pool by 66%. Effectively, Gods Unchained now has a total of 547 cards in its arsenal. With new cards also come new keywords, including “deadly”, “soulless”, “burn” and “flank”. According to the devs, the new cards and keywords will change the meta of the game, and shift the balance of card power.

Gods Unchained 0.9 is changing the meta

The 0.9 also adds various new features to the game. For example, thanks to the Card Tooltips feature players can now simply hover over the desired card to see its keyword. Players can also better manage their decks by using a more effective filtering system or follow their Gods Unchained collections progress on the new Collections page.

Performance Improvements

The new update brings improved performance for Mac users, together with overall improvements for non-Mac users. Additionally, all users can now:

  • Enjoy a smoother and more user-friendly Deck Builder
  • Cancel the Matchmaking process thanks to the new on-screen option
  • Enjoy a larger mouse cursor (particularly useful for 4K monitor users)
  • Access the settings and change options while playing a match. Note that this action won't pause the game!
  • Enjoy tweaked artwork for cards and spells
  • Enjoy various audio fixes and new game sounds

A Note For The Players

The first thing Gods Unchained players should know is that the cards can now cast magic spells from any position on the board. Furthermore, you are now able to see if your opponent used his/her God Power, and vice versa.

Atlas, one of the strongest gods in Gods Unchained

In addition to these two big changes, the new update also brings other minor changes, including:

  • Cards will now display their Tribe association
  • God cards will display God Decals and Icons
  • The Delve function now features an increased capacity
  • The Light God now has a new texture
  • Many Core Set cards now feature easier-to-understand descriptions

A Word From The Devs

The devs said that v0.9 is just the beginning of a new era for Gods Unchained. Specifically, the team said they're shifting from a 4-week development cycle to a 2-week cycle, meaning that they'll be releasing new updates much more frequently.