Recently, a group of expert game developers got together and founded Mythical Games. Inspired by the democratic philosophy that underlies the DGaming Industry, Mythical Games decide to offer its stellar expertise to the industry that appreciates digital ownership, open market, and decentralization.

The $16 Million Funding

The tech startup Mythical Games raised $16 million through Series A funding. Most of the funds came from 5 big venture capital (VC) names, including Galaxy Digital's EOS and OKCoin.

Mythical Games will use the money to develop games for all platforms (PC, console and mobile). The games will be decentralized, with emphasis on the player-based economy, digital ownership and user-made content.

Mike Novogratz, the CEO of Galaxy Digital, said, "Games that feature community interaction, player engagement and digital ownership will change the way mainstream perceives the blockchain. There’s no doubt that Mythical Games will play a critical role in this mission."

On EOS And Blankos Block Party

Because Galaxy Digital EOS VC led the $16 million in funding, Mythical Games will create their games on EOS blockchain. To those that don't know, EOS is a user-friendly blockchain that enables users to create Decentralized Applications (DApps) at scale.

At the time of the Series A funding, Mythical Games didn't disclose what type of games they intend to make. However, 3 days ago they released a teaser trailer for their first game, Blankos Block Party. This Multiplayer game is set to be released in 2019.

Blankos Block Party Teaser Trailer

While it's impossible to tell the details of the game, it's reasonable to assume that Blankos Block Party will deliver unique and comical gameplay. And judging by the game's trailer, it'll be very entertaining! Mythical Games encourages users to sign up now to receive free unique rewards.

On Mythical Games

Mythical Games is a startup company that develops platforms and games. The company believes in the future of DGaming and its main tenets (true digital ownership, scarcity and transparency).

Some of the company's most memorable members are John Linden and Jamie Jackson (former Activision studio leaders), Rudy Koch (former Blizzard senior producer), Stephan Cunningham (former Yahoo product management director).

The company also has an excellent team of advisors. Most notable members of the group are Adam Bain (from Twitter), Adam Struck (DDC Fund), Kent Wakeford (Gen.G eSports).

It’s safe to say that Mythical Games joined the DGaming industry at the right time. And with the $16 million investment, they'll be able to focus on what they do best; bringing world-class games to gamers. The only difference is, they'll now do so in a decentralized, fair and transparent ecosystem.