What happened?

EOS Knights is the first game to launch on the EOS blockchain, it’s also the first iOS game that interacts with a blockchain.

Paving the way for others is never an easy task, and questions were asked of how successful they would be at acquiring customers not used to the login process.

This didn’t prove to be a problem, and they acquired 1,000 new users within the first 3 days.

Why did it happen?

The EOS project is very interesting, and has been hailed by some as the birthplace for the next generation of gaming.

EOS Knights features

The EOS Knights game has received positive reviews and the launch was keenly anticipated by the EOS community. This helped aid drive the early adoption of users.

What influence will it exert on the industry?

It’s early days, but success of a DApp on the EOS blockchain would convince other developers to create games for the platform.

When you consider the difficulties faced by VGO recently, this is an option that others are considering.