Because mining plays such an important role in Ether Kingdoms, the devs have decided to spice things up. Now, you can upgrade the mines to level 5 and send up to 250,000 IMPs to the mines. On top of that, you can also start doing digging in the Far Realm to uncover precious treasures!

The Gold Fever Begins

All Ether Kingdoms players can now upgrade mines to level 5 by spending 0.5 ETH per mine. This open unlocks the ability to send up to 250,000 IMPs into those mines.

By upgrading your mines, you can increase your mining capacities to generate even more profit. You should also keep in mind that this logic applies to the artifacts as well, that is, you can mine both IMPs and artifacts. You can then exchange these artifacts for either IMPs or ETH on the OpenSea platform.

Uncover treasure chests and mine IMPs like crazy

Scavenging The Far Realm

Mining aside, you should also prepare shovels for your Ether Kingdoms journey. Why? Well, the Ether Kingdoms team buried many treasures across the Far Realm wasteland.

Specifically, they buried the chests containing IMPs. Each dig-up costs you 40 IMPs, and the prizes can be very rewarding. There is, of course, an element of luck attached to this playstyle, but the risk is certainly justified. For example, a single dig up that costs 40 IMPs can net you 50,000 IMPs! Plus, you can also find valuable artifacts In these treasure chests.

The more digging you do, and the more you explore the Realm, the more IMPs and artifacts you can dig up. Also, the number of chests you dig up will contribute to your overall score on the leaderboard.

Travel far and do some digging

Great News For The Speculators

The devs are out of tokens! Yes, the Ether Kingdoms' developers withdrew 650,000 tokens they've earned from the commissions and locked them safely in their wallet. More importantly, the devs won't be selling any tokens on any exchange until Q4 2019. And why is this good news for IMP speculators?

Well, this means that it's now simpler to predict the prices of IMPs. Now, the players are the only ones who trade, buy and sell, which will make it easier for the Ether Kingdoms veteran traders to predict the movement of tokens and make a profit.

Effectively, those who understand the game very well can leverage their knowledge of the game and make the right predictions. Do you like speculating? Or just playing DGames? You can do both in Ether Kingdoms! If you're still not playing Ether Kingdoms, you can access the game from our DGaming Store.