MegaCryptoPolis (MCP) have, in cooperation with DAppRadar, published detailed statistics and sales data detailing their performance over the last 10 months. The stats came out after the reveal of the macroeconomy layer, which should create space for additional earnings and deliver an enhanced gaming experience for players.

What Did The Numbers Show?

According to these latest stats, there are 15,000 DApp active users currently in the market, and 10,000 them use MCP. In June 2018, MCP had just over 1,000 registered users with unique wallets. Just 7 months later, the number of users with unique wallets soared, reaching over 8,000. How did this happen?

MCP has always been a unique and promising project, one that attracted a lot of attention in DGaming industry. However, it is also a major project that takes a lot of time to ripen. Finally, when MCP launched the land sale and unveiled their 3D Macroeconomy layer, things unraveled pretty fast.

The Numbers Will Grow

The potential for growth in MCP was always there, it just required some stimulus, something that would activate its existing potential and encourage users to join the project.

From March 15, 2018, to January 13, 2018, MCP plot owners earned 1179 Ethereum (ETH). Moreover, if the existing economy layer didn't attract a lot of attention (which it did), the newly announced Microeconomy layer will. MCP has stated that they'd implement this new layer and build it on top of the existing layer sometime this year. Once implemented, the MCP economy will consist of 2 layers:

  • Macroeconomy includes immutable Districts, Land plots, and Buildings, which are built on Land Plots
  • Microeconomy will introduce a new class of collectible assets, including Citizens, Resources, Pets, and Appliances. Aside from adding more depth to the game, the microeconomy layer will significantly enhance the user's ability to monetize their assets and profit from in-game actions

Visual Improvements, Incentives & Bounty Campaign

Aside from adding a new economy layer to the game, MCP is also working on a new 3D look. The 3D visuals will add a new feel to the game, introduce a more immersive gaming experience, and will be playable via browsers.

Furthermore, MCP will also distribute a limited amount of Microeconomy-related assets to test and incentivize the new game economy. The team will distribute these assets in March, so be sure to stay tuned in order to receive these valuable assets.

Lastly, to celebrate their achievements, MCP is holding a Bounty campaign in collaboration with DAppRadar and will be giving away 10 unique Pet tokens to those who join MCP from February 25 to March 4. MCP will also give away 360 exclusive plots on the last island to these participants.

You can view the entire report here.