Enjin has had a very successful year. Its community is growing, platform developing, and its gaming multiverse is expanding. But the year is not over yet. Especially not for the game development studio Titan Flight, whose partnership with Enjin might take the mobile gaming industry to a whole new level.

Utilizing the Power of the Enjin Platform

Jon Werthen, the CEO of Titan Flight firmly believes that the time players invest in playing video games should be worthwhile for them. "Together with Enjin, we can create a system that rewards mobile gamers with real value prizes," said

Rewarding players, with real value for completing missions, beating levels and conquering enemies will, without a doubt, enhance their gaming experience. The team believes that, with the help of the Enjin Platform, they can make this dream possible for gamers worldwide.

The Blockchain Integration

ReBounce is Titan Flight's first game to utilize the Enjin platform. Developers describe it as a fast-paced hyper-casual arcade game. In it, players control the ball, avoid mines and empty tiles to earn points. The better the score players achieve, the better their rewards will be. The game is downloadable on the iOS App Store. The team also said that the game should be available on the Google Play Store this month (December 2018).

Players that earn rewards, through gameplay, will receive exclusive rewards. These rewards will go straight to their Ethereum address. Furthermore, players will be able to manage these rewards by using their Enjin wallets.

Partnering With Enjin

Yesterday, the team announced that they are now officially a member of the Enjin Early Adopter’s Program. This means that all in-game rewards, both purchased or earned, are ERC-1155 tokens. What this means is that, as of yesterday, ReBounce digital assets have a real-world value.

Furthermore, players also have complete control over their assets. They can store, trade and sell items as they see fit. The team also said that ReBounce is just a beginning; they plan on developing more blockchain-powered games and expanding their portfolio.

Announcing The Titan Token

Titan Flight, in partnership with Enjin, created a fungible ERC-1155 token, called Titan Token. The team said that the token will be available in all their games. They also plan to implement ERC-1155 tokens in their future games and apps.Furthermore, Titan Flight intends to utilize the Enjin's ERC-20 adapter, which will ensure that their Titan Token is compatible with all ERC-20 wallets. This feature will enable players to participate in all ERC-20 cryptocurrency exchanges, allowing them to monetize their assets easily.