Recently, Blockchain Cuties made two small but very significant changes to improve UX. Aside from enabling players to send cuties to their adventures in groups, Blockchain Cuties has also released a new inventory update, which allows players to seamlessly manage their in-game items.

About The Grouping Update

Prior to the grouping update, Blockchain Cuties players had to send their cuties to adventures individually, one by one. For instance, if you wanted to send 5 cuties to an adventure, you'd had to select a cutie, send it to adventure, and repeat this process for each cutie you wanted to send. This was also true for refreshing your cuties with potions.

Now, by navigating to My Cuties page, you can select several cuties by checking the little circles in the top right corner (see the image below).

To select a cutie, simply tick the circle in the top right corner 

Once you’ve selected your wanted cuties, you can:

  • form a special group for those specific cuties
  • send your group of cuties to adventures
  • refresh your cuties with potions
  • remove individual cuties from the group

How To Create A Group?

The process of creating your squads is quite simple:

  1. Select the wanted cuties by ticking the top-right circles
  2. Click on "Add to group"
  3. Select a name for your group
  4. Write a description of your groups. For instance, you might have a group of cuties that you use for adventures only. You can, therefore, name that group a "Farming group", and thus always know its purpose.
You can send your band of cuties to one of many available adventures

As for the group activity, you can either send your cuties to battle or give them potions. If you select the first option, you'll be able to choose one of the available adventures assuming that your group is eligible for that specific adventure.

About Inventory Update

Prior to the release of the inventory update, the Blockchain Cuties inventory page lacked a sophisticated filtering system. Now, in your inventory, you're able to see important details about your items, including:

  • Item type - is it an elixir, bracelet, accessory, or perhaps a mighty weapon?
  • Item kind - items in Blockchain Cuties can be normal, unique or set items
  • Show - here, you can see whether or not an item is equipped on one of your cuties
In the “Show” tab, you can see if an item is equipped or not

Moreover, by clicking on an item, you're also able to see what cuties are wearing it, which is quite useful for cuties with unique appearances since they don't display the items they are equipped with.