Growing blockchain platform, Alto, has announced their partnership with game development studio, Antler Interactive. Alto will work closely with Antler Interactive to bring their latest AR racing game, Krystal Kart, to their platform.

What Is Alto?

Alto is a platform that leverages blockchain technology and enables game developers to mint and integrate blockchain assets within their games. The company is working actively with small and medium-sized gaming studios and firmly believes that blockchain technology can deliver sustainable business models that benefit developers, gamers and content creators.

You can buy Alto-powered Krystal Kart vehicles at OpenSea

The Alto platform features tools such as Alto Forge, Alto SDK, and Alto Wizard, all of which are designed to help developers create and implement blockchain assets into their games.

What Is Antler Interactive?

Antler Interactive is a Swedish mobile game studio that develops games with new technologies. The company is known for leveraging VR and AR to deliver distinctive gaming experiences to the gaming community. Antler Interactive is now also turning to blockchain technology in order to deliver a player-controlled sustainable in-game economy.

Thus far they've developed 3 games:

  • Svrvive: The Deus Helix - a VR game with elements of mystery, adventure and puzzle solving
  • Kartong: Death by Cardboard - a twisted VR adventure game with elements of horror and puzzle solving
  • Krystal Kart AR - a multiplayer AR racing game with distinctive graphics, unique design and immersive gameplay

About Krystal Kart

Krystal Kart is a promising AR racing game currently available on the App Store and Google Play. In this game, players adventure through a beautifully designed sci-fi universe and compete with other players on Augmented Reality tracks.

Krystal Kart features unique graphics and immersive gameplay

More importantly, thanks to the Antler Interactive & Alto partnership, the game's assets will be implemented on the blockchain. Effectively, Krystal Kart will become the first AR racing game to run on the blockchain. Alto has already issued a limited amount of Krystal Kart vehicles on the OpenSea platform; you can buy these assets here.

A Natural Alliance

The CEO of Alto, Chase Freo, said, "Working with Antler Interactive is a great step forward on introducing amazing games to the blockchain."

Indeed, Krystal Kart is in many ways unique in comparison to other blockchain games. Aside from being the first AR racing game on the blockchain, its unique gameplay and distinct graphics will certainly attract a lot of attention among crypto and casual gamers. The game is also well polished and free to download on the App Store and Google Play.