Blockchain item sales are not uncommon in DGaming industry. Following this, a group of notable blockchain game developers (Blockchain Cuties, Dragonglass, World War Goo, Chibi Fighters, and Ether Kingdoms) decided to create a Crypto Bundle sale. Basic premise? Buy one bundle and enjoy multiple games!

What Is This All About?

Six games got together and decided to join forces and offer bundled items at a discount. So, when users buy 1 bundle, they receive items for all 6 games. Pretty cool right? The sale will start in roughly 3 days (20th of December) and will take place at

This is an exceptional event, the first of its kind. The sale is an excellent opportunity for soon-to-be gamers because it will grant them assets for 6 games, 4 of which are already playable.

What Will You Receive?

If numbers make you dizzy, you should probably sit down, for we'll now talk about them. These CryptoBundles come in three forms: Mega, Mega Super, and Mega Super Ultra. The value in brackets shows the exact or estimated value of each bundle.

Mega Bundle - Total price (0.6 ETH), Total value (2.29 ETH)

In this bundle, Blockchain Cuties offers 2 gen1 Cuties (0.45 ETH), Ether Kingdom gives 2 specially minted CryptoBundle weapons (0.3 ETH), Chibi Fighters 5 rare chests (0.44 ETH), Dragonglass Miner offers Old Man skin (~0.3 ETH), World War Goo 10 loot crates (0.2 ETH), and DragonFeed gives a Royal Legendary Crystal (0.5 ETH).

Mega Super Bundle - Total price (0.9 ETH), Total value (3.9 ETH)

In this bundle, you get a 3 gen1 Cuties, and a rare Doge from Blockchain Cuties (0.9 ETH), Shellfish Shield and Gungnir from Ether Kingdoms (0.5 ETH), Chibi Fighters give you 2 Mythical weapon chests (0.8 ETH), Dragonglass Miner offers legendary Masquerade skin (0.8 ETH), World War Goo is giving 20 (yep, 20) loot crates (0.4 ETH), and DragonFeed offers its Royal Legendary Crystal (0.5 ETH).

Bundles, Bundles, Bundles

Mega Super Ultra Bundle - Total price (1.5 ETH), Total value (8.7)

This is the juicy one! Blockchain Cuties are offering 2 of their Gen 0 skins (1.5 ETH), Ether Kingdoms CryptoBundle pistol and tactical vest (1.2 ETH), Chibi Fighters are generously offering 8 Mythical weapon chests (3.2 ETH!), Dragonglass Miner is giving away 2 freshly designed skins (1.1 ETH), World War Goo went crazy this time, offering 35 chests (0.7 ETH), while DragonFeed offers 2 Royal Legendary Crystals (1 ETH).

Is It Worth It?

If you're a gamer, or if someone you love is a gamer, it's more than worth it. For those who would like to count this in dollars: The Mega Super Ultra Bundle is purchasable at $130*, and the items you get in it are worth $770*. We believe this answers the question.

*approx ETH prices at time of publishing