The second Decentraland LAND auction, which started on December 10th and ended on December 23rd, was a huge success. All previously unowned parcels were purchased during the auction, clearly indicating that the Decentraland community is more than prepared to take the platform to the next level.

Let The Numbers Speak

During the auction, users were bidding on 9,331 unclaimed parcels, all of which were bought within 2 weeks. Participants burned exactly 109,521,854 MANA on their precious parcels, amounting to roughly $6.6 million.

An image of a LAND parcel, rendered in 3D

The initial price of all available parcels was set at 200,000 MANA and then declined with time (Dutch auction), with the last parcel being purchased for 6,800 MANA. The average parcel price was 11,737 MANA, close to the median parcel price of 12,122 MANA.

Secure And Fair Distribution

Decentraland's top priority was to ensure safe, fair, secure and safe parcel distribution, which they did successfully. To those that don't know, each LAND parcel is a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) backed by Ethereum and controlled with Ethereum smart contract. In translation, each parcel is unique, scarce and valuable in and of itself. All actions are stored on the blockchain, and can in no way be altered by anyone.

Decentraland itself burned more than 15 million MANA on LAND. Why? Well, many content creators (developers, designers, artists) aren't familiar with the Decentraland platform (or Ethereum ecosystem in general). For them, the process of obtaining LAND might be challenging, which is why Decentraland decided to reserve some of the LAND for these creators specifically.

The only limitation is your imagination

Theoretically, this action should benefit the entire Decentraland community because it enables all interested content creators to join the platform and its community without obstacles. When more content creators join the platform, this should bring more talent, quality, and diversity to the platform and richer in-world experience for all Decentraland users.

So What Happens Next?

Now, LAND owners can use Decentraland's SDK to develop the content they desire, their imagination being the only limiting factor. The SDK is, in essence, a set of tools that enables users to introduce 3D content hosted on their LAND. Decentraland announced that they'd make their SDK even more straightforward and easier to use. This will be done to ensure that all users can create and import new content into Decentraland with ease.Remember, owning virtual LAND is similar to owning real land. Users can build various 3D content with tools such as Maya and SketchUp and then import it into Decentraland. Users are in total control of their LAND (and content on that LAND), and can, if they choose so, monetize their content.