Democracy is a pretty rare thing in the (traditional) gaming industry. There are some exceptions of course, but most developers push their own agenda to achieve a specific goal (read profit). DGaming revolts against this model, offering members of their community the opportunity to vote on the subjects they find worthy.

Decentraland, the first VR game owned entirely by the community, recently updated their voting platform (Agora 2.0). Members of the community will vote on two questions, that will determine the future of the Decentraland platform.

Question #1: When Should The Upcoming LAND Auction Occur?

Community members are anxiously waiting for the next LAND auction. To buy a piece of LAND (10x10 m), you have to participate in this auction. There're 9000 unclaimed parcels, patiently waiting to receive their new owners.

Members can choose whether the LAND auction will happen in the last quarter of this year (Q4 2018) or the first quarter of the next year (Q1 2019.)

Question #2: Should We Keep the MANA Contract Pause Feature?

This question concerns the safety feature introduced by Decentraland developers. To those that don't know, Decentraland runs on blockchain technology (Ethereum). The game grants players the ability to buy land, shape it, sell it, and so forth. The in-game land is scarce and therefore valuable.

To buy land, you need MANA. With it, you can also purchase digital assets or services. Currently, members have the option to put their transactions on hold. This option was introduced as a safety measure, to inspire confidence and give players control over their smart contracts. It ensured that every deal is in order before its execution.

But because many audits affirmed that the safety of smart contracts (OpenZeppelin) is impeccable, Decentraland developers no longer see the need for the mentioned feature. If you vote yes, you agree with the developers. If you feel that the Pause function should stay, you can vote no.

Why Is Voting Important?

"Your vote counts" is not just an empty slogan in the DGaming universe. The second question is probably the more pressing one because it ensures that every member can prepare adequately to obtain new land.

Members will vote through the Agora platform. Only those that have MANA can participate in the voting process. The votes aren't fixed, meaning that you can change your answer should your opinion change.

We should point out that the results will affect the developers' opinion on these matters. This process is undoubtedly a step in the right direction and will further the decentralization of Decentraland platform.