The Forest Knight team, Chrono Games, has achieved many great things over a short period. This success wouldn't be possible if it wasn't for its loyal and active community that supported the developers from the very beginning. To honor the game’s early adopters, Forest Knight developers created the Multiverse Founder’s Token (MFT).

What Is An MFT?

In a nutshell, MFT is an ERC-1155 coin with an underlying value of 20 Enjins (ENJ). But in the gaming multiverse, MFT is a badge of honour, forged by Forest Knight developers. MFTs will go into the hands of the first 400 players that join the Forest Knight network.

Players must join the game's Telegram community and then register via the Forest Knight website. After that, players will receive their MFTs via the Enjin's secret giveaway system.

Why Should You Care About The Forest Knight MFT?

MFTs will be tradable until the end of this year. On January 1st, MFTs will permanently bind to the user that will (at that time) be in possession of it. These tokens are permanent and non-destructible, which means that the token's benefits will also be permanent.

These benefits are:

  • MFT owners will get access to the Forest Knights early access phase. Early adopters will enjoy the game before everyone else and will have the power to shape the game and work on it with the game’s developers.
  • MFT holders will receive discounts to all future season passes, sales, etc.
  • MFT owners will receive token airdrops. Airdrops will contain rare items, which will give them an edge over other players. They'll also be able to sell the items (for a hefty fee, of course).

The Founder's Chest Reward And Exclusive Email

Furthermore, all MFT owners will be rewarded with the Founder's Chest. The chest will provide a chance of winning the Knight of the Imperial Shield, as well as other items that will help the players on their journey.

The Imperial Shield is a valuable asset in Chronville (the Forest Knights universe) and will go into the hands of true Knights (i.e. early supporters and contributors). MFT holders will also subscribe to an exclusive email channel, through which they'll receive information regarding token airdrops, sales, exclusive deals, and so forth.

“The Imperial Shield” (from left to right): Imperial Knight, Imperial Assasin, Imperial Mage, Imperial Priest, Imperial Archer

What Is The Multiverse Founders' Network Program?

The Multiverse Founder’s Network is Enjin’s attempt to create a gaming multiverse. Each game that joins the network will have the option to create a unique MFT, which should be valuable across the entire multiverse. So what does that mean?

In essence, the MFT transcends its game of origin. You may receive your MFT through the Forest Knight reward program, but that doesn't mean that your MFT is valid only for that particular game.

Instead, your MFT may bring you rewards in all the games that joined the Multiverse Founder's Network, but only if the developers of those games embrace this philosophy. Forest Knight developers have already embraced it and will reward all MFT owners, even if they didn’t receive their MFT through the Forest Knights program!