Blockchain technology took almost everyone by surprise. The financial industry experienced its blockchain hurricane and is now trying to make sense of what has happened. Similarly, the PC and mobile gaming industries are also undergoing a significant paradigm shift. But what about consoles?

Consoles Too?

PC and mobile platforms already familiarized themselves with the nature of the DGaming industry. The words freedom, ownership, security and anonymity already ring through the community channels. But thus far, consoles (like PlayStation and Xbox) were unaffected by these words.

However, it seems like the change that affected PCs and mobiles is now coming to consoles. Specifically, the news that the Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), the bread and butter of many DApps,  are coming to PlayStation.

Who Lit The Fire?

Judging by the news, the main suspect is Arcade Distillery, a team known for producing and delivering PlayStation games (Plague Road, Death Tales, Micho Tales). According to Arcade Distillery, they're in the process of making the very first DGame for consoles.

The game that’s currently in production is called Plague Hunters. The game is meant to be the sequel to their most famous game, Plague Road. Arcade Distillery argues that the game will emphasize full ownership of in-game assets. Furthermore, the game will be Free To Play (F2P), and will also support the nonrestrictive free exchange of all in-game assets.

What Do We Know About The Plague Hunters?

The game's website is still in development, but we did manage to find some valuable information for you. Plague Hunters is portrayed as a turn-based strategy game. It also appears that the game will embody some RPG elements.

Players will build their armies of insect-like hunters, train them and eventually lead them to battle. Hunters will be the prevalent in-game assets, and players will be able to trade them on the blockchain-operated market. The game will inherit the Plague Road-like gaming universe (Kasalli), where players will encounter dark creatures, explore untamed places and fight for survival.

What Did The Plague Hunter Teaser Trailer Reveal?

The teaser trailer also demonstrated various in-game classes or characters, including engineers, witches, inventors and soldiers. The trailer also portrays a Knight and Grand Witch, perhaps suggesting that soldiers will evolve to Knights and Witches to Grand Witches? The trailer also suggests that players will be able to upgrade their hunters with skills and abilities. Whatever the game turns out to be, this is without a doubt an exciting time for console games.

Should this project succeed, console gamers will finally experience the joys of the DGaming industry.