Editor's note: This guest post is by DGaming influencer, Lily Kuvardina who has written for the likes of Hackernoon, and has a wealth of DGaming experience.

Nowadays, developers have no time to chill in fear of facing top-ranked fighters, aka DGamers. This ongoing battle takes place in a cryptogame by the name of Blockchain Cuties. Blockchain Cuties is a cryptocollectible game with significant strategic elements in which players get to breed unique, real, and fantasy pets in order to send them on crazy adventures and battles against furious Raid Bosses. The Characters, appropriately named Cuties, live according to the real calendar, celebrating New Year (along with Chinese New Year), Valentine’s Day and more.

The game utilizes a community-driven development approach, meaning the players have an active hand in developing the game as well. Developers always listen to what the players suggest and then implement them. Players report mistakes and bugs and encourage developers to keep doing a great job.

In addition, some players volunteer to create side extensions for different browsers using their programming background. Some create their own empire breeding tribute and unique Cuties in order to sell them and make money. This DGame gives their players the power and freedom which was once promised by blockchain technology itself. Fair enough, it's not a real fight - more of a friendly hug, but it’s a tense one which keeps both parties involved and attentive.

On the opposite side of the ring is the team players. Some share their sentiments regarding breeding a new race of Cuties, others tell you how to keep an eye on important updates in order to benefit from them, or why it’s important to earn your reputation in the community and how it will pay off. The main condition was that the players had to reveal their secret tips and tricks in the Blockchain Cuties game.

As a bonus, we asked them the most popular question of most newcomers in the Telegram group chat – how can you earn money in the crypto game?

#My First Time

These brave heroes chose the way to present themselves - via their first characters (further named Cuties) in the game. Has DGaming gone too far according to a player's experience – in case of love at first sight, get ready to sire?

Player Chakra Fox: “It was a Fox. I remember the first time I saw the game, it was only a few weeks from release and they just made foxes. It was a new type of animal to the game and only two for sale. There was a brown one and a white one (that had really big ears). I wasn't sure which one to get. Then someone bought the brown one!..Oh no! I had to have a fox so I got the white one. It had devilish eyes so I named it Frosty the Devil Fox. And it has always been my favorite and you can see all my early bred foxes looked like him, and I didn't trade them. Just gave some to friends”.

Player Light511:  “More important [is] the first expensive Cutie I ever bought, so that was Alien”.

Player Bofur: “My first cutie was #139 (you can look them up by # on the site), nicknamed Bowser. It was the child of the Unique Owl and Foxy pets”.

Player VeRychard: “My very first purchase was Papa Drex (cutie #2730), I still remember how happy I was about it”.

Player Fishojoy: “Dragon, Owl & Foxy”.

And you, do you remember your first crypto asset? They say, tell me what your first Cutie was, and I will tell you what kind of a gamer you are.

Community matters. The formula Gamers + Devs is being solved below

Behind every DGame, there are always people. They will speak if you prove that you’ll listen.

Player VeRychard:  “I'm trying to share all the info I have with the community, I would recommend the Dark Cuties Mods I've made for the game, which also includes a dark theme, along with some useful info and helpful features.

Chrome: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/dark-cuties-mods/ggebchafnnkaganepgccgnlmcadpkeok



The support of the devs is awesome, and therefore the community is growing stronger. Players help new players, and many fresh starters are offered a free gen1 Cutie from one of the veteran players. Most of us work together with the devs to make it a better game”.

Player Bofur: “I can't emphasize this enough, the dev team is driving this game forward with the constant development/additions and their willingness to listen to player feedback”.  

The distinctions between devs and gamers have been blurred. DGamers are the people who define the course of the development of their favorite game. That's probably why you won't meet an indifferent player.

DGaming business school. Short lectures on trading and putting the right price-tag on your Cutie

Player Chakra Fox: “It would be hard for me to sell my cuties since I make a habit of naming them all and try to equip them so they have some personality. Honestly, I am a spender in this game. In other games I have looked at it more like gaining some profit and leaving but I try to make this my homebase in crypto.”

Player Light511:  “I sell the pets for income to support my breeding frenzies. Plus it's nice to know that within the game we are able to self sustain and not always have to put in more money. What was the price-tag? Ranges depending on the Gen, Lvl, and equipment”.

Player VeRychard: “For quite some time I was on the upper-middle tier of the "Top seller" leaderboard, selling mostly cheap ~ 0.005 - 0.01 cuties.

I don't usually sell them anymore, only if I really can't stand the looks of it, and none of my friends want it. Yes, farmers are really needed if you want to "feed" some bigger warriors. Also I'm looking forward to some kind of mining/coin farming, where the higher gen cuties can be useful as well, so no selling of those either for now”.

Player Bofur: “Firstly, determine how much you are willing to invest to get started.  Then look into buying 4,8,16 (or more) starter cuties (gen 0 is best, but gen 1 is absolutely fine to start).  Don’t worry about gear to start.  Use you starters as the parents/grandparents/great grandparents of your soon-to-be cutie clan.  Breed your gen 1s with gen 1s, resulting in gen 2s (with different parents).  Repeat for gen 2s a few times, and so on.  This will give you a nice pool of starters who will be able to run adventures periodically.  Use all of the blue potions they find to power up your “best” cutie.  Use the gear they find to start increasing your win rate.  Maybe sell a cutie/item to pay for more breeding.  Congrats, you are on your way to building an adorable army. I have sold a few cuties (not nearly as many as fisho and light511 though). ,I focus more on collecting/breeding and selling items (gear sets, potions, etc).  Price ranges on typical gen 1s are as low as ~0.01 ETH.  Rare/Uniques can go for multiple ETH.

I don’t sell many cuties, usually only to move full sets of gear (equipped on cuties) or a few nobles here and there.  I’m mostly in this for the long haul.  We all want the game to succeed, as that means more players, more demand for items/cuties, and more liquidity of assets.”.

So, you can hold, you can sell. But in the end, you’ll be addicted anyway!


Player Chakra Fox: “Right now, Foxes and Cats are at a slight disadvantage in fighting but the main things is that lower gen, like gen0 will always be the biggest help in fighting.  Until you play a lot you won't notice the little advantages and disadvantages but a new player should have at least one dog or bear, a lizard and either a fox or cat. The lizard is the most balanced.

Also, stick to power and attack gear with item drop and experience bonuses”.

Player Light511:  “This is tricky…im still trying to figure it out, I would say if you are trying to breed a certain tribute or cutie, make friends with the community.  I have been very fortunate to meet some really nice people out there were we share our different cuties to help one another in our goals”.

Player VeRychard: “The egg's hatching time is always the same as the mother's breeding time (so the father and mother roles do matter!)

- Evasion and Luck affect the matchmaking, but doesn't have so big impact on the fights, I would not recommend getting those kinds of items.

- Always do countings! (for example, if you want to reduce adventure cooldown on a cutie, you can check the market for 2x big blue potions, and 4x small adventure potions, and calculate the price + gas price, and decide which is worth more.

Also if you have a set on your cutie which decreases adventure cooldown, you should consider buying a Cloth Hanger, and re-equipping the items, so they can decrease your cd again)”.

Player Bofur: “ You don’t know which tributes will turn up next.  You may be the one to find it, or maybe you will realize you are close/capable of breeding it once someone else finds one.  Study the genome sequences, as they are the key”.

Player Fishojoy: “I enjoying giving out tips to new players, but there no trick on breeding.  One thing I would say is keep generation low as possible.  Once you have enough low generation, you can invest some cuties into higher generation”.

These tips are truly unique - they’ve never been mentioned anywhere else. At least, don't miss the chance to breed your own cute army!

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