Yesterday, TRON Arcade announced that they're bringing HyperSnakes, a Battle Royale (BR) blockchain game to their platform. HyperSnakes is developed by MixMarvel, the developers of the notable Ethereum blockchain game HyperDragons.

Launching The HyperSnakes Beta

As of today, players can join the HyperSnakes beta release, test the game and earn rewards for their contribution. Tron Arcade is also encouraging players to pre-register for the game and earn exclusive rewards. Additionally, Tron Arcade recommends that players register via TronLink, a Google Chrome extension that enables players to automatically receive free skins and tokens once the game launches.

You can pre-register to earn exclusive rewards

Both Tron and MixMarvel are determined to deliver immersive and truly free-to-play gameplay to crypto supporters and players. They believe that blockchain technology has huge potential in the gaming industry due to its ability to deliver fairer game economies, true asset ownership, and unrestricted trading.

About HyperSnakes’ Gameplay

In HyperSnakes, players compete against each other in an addictive and entertaining way by controlling their snake avatars, collecting dots and boosters and thinking about ways to make their opponents' life miserable. The game's core gameplay is rather simple; you control your snake avatar and collect the dots in an attempt to become the longest snake in the arena.

On your journey to victory, you may also acquire in-game boosters to outplay your opponents. For example, you can activate shield boosters to protect your avatar from being destroyed by other players, or speed boosters to outpace your opponents and collect the dots faster than they do.

Similar to many other BR games, such as Fortnite or PUBG, the HyperSnakes' play zone shrinks with time and forces the players into a narrower space to test their skills and strategies.

Earning Rewards By Playing The Game

As a player, you can either play the game in free or premium rooms. The free rooms, as expected, have no entry fees and are free for all players. You can play the game, complete quests and daily missions and earn rewards.

In-game footage

To join the premium rooms players must stake their own TRX. The benefit of playing the game in premium mode is that the participants earn a share of the total prize pool based on their in-game performance.

Players also receive bonuses from random airdrops that contain various supplies. And last but not least, premium rooms also rewards players with random HyperSnakes “SC” token airdrops. The developers take a tiny cut from the staked TRX and later distribute it to the players via their smart contracts.