Today, Etheremon released an update that aims to improve UX and lower the barrier of entry for new players. The new update comes with a new encyclopedia and new game guide, both of which were designed to educate users about the nature of the Etheremon world and blockchain games.

About The New Encyclopedia

The new Etheremon encyclopedia is structuralized into 3 categories:

  • Mon Species allows users to view a total number of species that reside in the Etheremon world, as well as how many of these species users have in their inventories. The team also added a small icon right next to the species name that says whether you can find a monster in-store or in one of the Etheremon Adventures (monsters without icons can only be purchased in-store).
  • Mon Dex is a place that outlays all the monsters within the Etheremon world. Users can also use an enhanced filter to view monsters by their Gen, Type, Race, and other important in-game elements.
  • The Adventure tab lists out all in-game adventures. Also, the "Rewards" tab, which was previously found in the Adventure tab has been moved under the Etheremon Encyclopedia tab.
You can use MonDex to see all Monsters in the Etheremon World

About The New Game Guide

The Etheremon team said that the new guide was designed to help new users to understand how blockchain games really work. The new game guide should, therefore, help new users comprehend the complex nature of blockchain games and the Etheremon world at a faster pace.

The guide explains the nature of Etheremon, and also talks about blockchain assets, Etheremon on-platform features, and contains a detailed guide that helps new users install everything they need in order to play the game. There's also an advanced guide, which talks about Adventures, Battles, Exchange and Marketplaces.

On Other Updates

In addition to the above-mentioned changes, the Etheremon team also announced that the Gym Mode, which is currently closed for renovation, would be replaced with a newer version at some point in the future.

A new Etheremon World map is on the horizon!

The team said they'd release an updated Etheremon World Map on March 7, 2019. They also plan to launch the first Rank Competition event on March 8, 2019.

Lastly, the Etheremon team wishes to extend their thanks to all the players who participated in the Lunar New Year event. All remaining “hongbaos” have been transformed into Energy and transferred to players' accounts.