On February 13th, My Crypto Heroes (MCH) will initiate its first land pre-sale. The MCH team said that land would play a critical role in the game, allowing both landowners and land members to work together and profit from their in-game efforts.

How Will The Presale Work?

MCH will sell land in bulk, thus allowing investors and gamers to purchase land sectors in a single transaction. To participate in the presale, you have to apply for it via the link offered on the official MCH website. Once you confirm your application and identity, you'll be able to buy the land.

During the presale, MCH will offer 4 out of 9 land types, with the initial price of 500 Ethereum per land sector. MCH will also hold an explanatory meeting in Tokyo for everyone who's interested in the presale.

On Land Types And Benefits

Ocean, Strawberry, Tangerine, and Lime; these four land types will be available for purchase during the presale. Each land type brings different extensions and benefits the landowners and members.

Legendary extensions bring many benefits to their supporters 


Ocean land comes with the Turtle series extension, which increases heroes' HP, PHY, and INT. Its skill increases heroes' status and recovery and is therefore excellent for keeping your heroes alive.


Strawberry land carries the Rooster extension. This extension increases the AGI and PHY of the heroes. Rooster also features a PHY attack skill with raising AGI and is excellent for PHY-based heroes.


Tangerine land comes with the Tiger series extension, which boosts heroes' PHY and AGI. It also comes with a PHY attack skill that grows exponentially with the AGI (the more AGI you have, the higher the damage).


Lime land comes with the Dragon series. This extension is excellent for high INT heroes with low HP, for it increases both the INT and HP of the heroes. The skill deals tremendous INT-based damage to your foes and also decreases their status.

On Sectors, Themes, Members And Profit

Each piece of land is divided into sectors, and each sector is an ERC 721 token. The value of these sectors is determined by various things, including size, rarity, and scarcity. Landowners are free to customize their sectors however they like, which includes changing the sector's name and flag.

The land will drastically change the way MCH works

Furthermore, each land type has its own theme and is expected to have a unique UI. If you purchase a sector, you'll become the Lord, which brings you many in-game benefits. However, the top 3 owners, that own more than 10% of the total land volume, will become Kings.

The King title will grant you more freedom in terms of land customization, taxation, distribution, and so forth. If you, however, don't own any land, you can choose which land you want to belong to and become its Citizen. This will allow you to participate in the land events, as well as in Knight battles.

Winning Knight battles earns you points and higher spots in the leaderboard. And, if you perform well over time, you'll earn yourself the Knight title. As a Knight, you'll be able to participate in Flag battles, a land versus land battle that will determine the fate of all MCH players. Most importantly, landowners and members (Citizens and Knights) will work together and share the revenues gathered from trade transactions, commission fees, and many other functions.