Yesterday was a big day for Enjin. In addition to launching their blockchain SDK for Unity, Enjin has also launched the Enjin platform. The Enjin platform, which features an API that is compatible with every popular coding language, will enable 26 million software developers to integrate blockchain technology with games, websites, and apps.

A Turning Point For Enjin

Yesterday in Singapore, Enjin released their long-awaited blockchain SDK for Unity which enables 4.5 million Unity developers to create and develop blockchain assets and integrate them with their games. Users can download the SDK for free by visiting Unity's asset store.

You can now develop blockchain games with Enjin’s blockchain SDK for Unity

Furthermore, the Enjin team has also launched the Enjin platform. The platform is well-equipped with tools and services that enable developers to create and manage blockchain games with any popular coding language. Having said that, developers from around the world will be able to integrate blockchain into any software by using coding languages they are familiar with.

The Enjin platform will be powered by the Enjin Coin (ENJ), which users will need to acquire in order to mint ERC-1155 blockchain assets. With the Enjin Mintshop, users will be able to convert ENJ into any asset they want. ENJ will be locked inside those assets, providing them with a certificate of authenticity and an extractable underlying value.  

Open For Testing

Prior to these announcements, Enjin launched the testnet version of their blockchain game development platform. This means that developers can explore the potential of the Enjin platform immediately, without acquiring Enjin coins (ENJ) or Ethereum (ETH).

Enjin provides developers with a vast array of tools and services

Enjin has announced that the mainnet version of their blockchain game development platform should launch in Q2 2019. The mainnet version will allow developers to integrate ERC-1155 tokens into their games, websites, and apps. Most importantly, Enjin will provide developers with smart contracts, meaning that developers won't have to write the contracts by themselves.

Announcements For GDC

Enjin has unveiled that they'd showcase both their blockchain SDK for Unity, as well as the Enjin platform at this year's GDC. At the event, Enjin will be stationed at booth S563, right alongside Sony, Microsoft, and Intel.

Enjin showcase their technology at this year’s GDC

The GDC is a perfect place for interested parties to familiarize themselves with Enjin's philosophy and technology. Enjin will demo their tools in collaboration with 6 game developers that are currently building games on the Enjin platform.

Furthermore, Enjin will also host the Official GDC Blockchain Mixer with Ubisoft and the Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA). Aside from the ability to witness Enjin's platform and SDK in action, users will also see the demo version of the Enjin Multiverse.