It's no secret that CryptoKitties are one of the biggest fans of interoperability. Recently they announced Cheeze Wizards, a blockchain BR game where players summon Wizards and compete for Big Cheeze. And now, the CryptoKitties team is connecting the two games through their Special Fancy Cat, Curdlin.

What The H*ll Is This All About?

Just recently CryptoKitties unveiled Kitty Tricks, a feature that enables users to find Cats that unlock unique content in other DApps. What this means is that you can have a cat in CryptoKitties that not only functions in other connected games (like Cheeze Wizards) but also unlocks unique content in those games.

Curdlin using its "Make It Meow" ability

The CryptoKitties team has decided to demonstrate this feature through Curdlin, their unique Fancy Cat. Effectively, users who own Curdlin can access unique and valuable content in Cheeze Wizards and simultaneously earn rewards.

How Does This Work?

Your Curdlin can access special content depending on its generation. For example, a Gen4 or lower Curdlin can use its special "Make It Meow" ability in Cheeze Wizards. By using this ability Curdlin is able to transform your Cheeze Wizards into Kitty Wizards.

This, in turn, gives you access to unique Last Kitty Standing quest in Cheeze Wizards. Moreover, the player who wins the Last Kitty Standing quest also wins a valuable prize in ETH for the entire party.

On the other hand, if your Curdlin is Gen5 or more, you can utilize its "Cheeze Challenge" powers and equip your Cheeze Wizards with fancy wearable hats. And, players that own Curdlins that are Gen5 or more also qualify for the Last Kitty Cap standing special quest.

Why Is This So Cool?

It's clear that CryptoKitties are truly exploring the potential of the blockchain’s interoperability. They're connecting projects, enabling users to access more content with fewer investments, and are rewarding loyal users with unique content and valuable prizes. The team said that this is just the beginning and that they plan to add even more content in the future.

Curdlin on the right has an active Kitty Trick. Curdlin on the left doesn’t

If you'd like to participate in this truly historical endeavor, be sure to get yourself a Curdlin. You can either breed it or buy it, just make sure that your Curdlin has an active Kitty Trick. You can check this by tapping on the lightning icon in the bottom right corner. Also, using the Kitty Trick is a one-time deal; once you use it, you won't be able to repeat the action.

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