Two days ago, Chainbreakers announced a new giveaway to celebrate their technological partnership with OpenSea. Chainbreakers said they're looking forward to implementing OpenSea's upcoming "NFT for NFT" trading feature because it provides their players with better and more decentralized trading possibilities.

A Growing Partnership

In November 2018, Chaibreakers partnered with OpenSea to enable its users to trade assets securely and conveniently. This was a huge achievement for Chainbreakers since OpenSea was and still is one of the most popular crypto exchange platforms.

Don’t miss out a chance to receive free items!

The upcoming "NFT for NFT" trading function will play an important role in Chainbreakers. This function won't involve crypto exchanges, but rather token exchanges. It will allow players to swap and exchange items of similar value.

Item swapping and trading have always played an important role in RPG games, and Chainbreakers believe that this upcoming function will give players more freedom in terms of managing their in-game assets.

Celebrating With A Giveaway

To celebrate this upcoming technology, Chainbreakers will airdrop random Uncommon and Rare items to its players. Here's how you can apply:

  1. Link your Chainbreakers account with your Discord account
  2. Acquire rank 1 and get one random uncommon item
  3. Acquire rank 4 and get an additional random rare item

The event is underway right now and will end on April 15th at 12:00 PM GMT. The NFTs for this event will be minted and distributed shortly after the end of the event.

What Are Ranks And How Do You Secure Them?

Chainbreakers will build an in-game trade UI on top of OpenSea's technology. But to trade, you must first have something to trade for, right? So if you plan to participate in this giveaway, first link the two accounts by visiting Chainbreakers website and signing into your account.

You get points by purchasing crowdsale items

Then, click on "Settings", connect your acc with your Discord handle, and validate the process by sending a private message to the official Chainbreakers bot. In the official Chainbreakers Discord channel, you can type "!rank" to see your current rank, or "!help" to open up the help menu.

Your rank is determined by your honor points, which you receive whenever you purchase a Chainbreakers crowdsale item. You get more points for purchasing more items and higher points for purchasing rare items. Be aware of the fact that Chainbreakers plans to implement Gen 2 smart contracts on April 2nd, after which the honor rewards that are granted from crowdsale purchases will be lowered.